Why Milly Really?

Milly here,

Just getting started exploring is why. My theme to start with is simply: Family transitions and the multiple adventures life throws our way.

I know all of this will change in the future because that’s what happens in future tense. It never turns out quite as we envisioned. But most of the time the vision is tweaked and better. It makes me love life even more. The surprises that await.

Enough about the future tense. Right now in the present tense, I am enjoying the new ideas and choices unfolding as my life moves into a new realm. This blog will share my joys, laughter, foibles, errors and successes as I transform my life into something golden.

The situations in flux are:

  • Spiritual
    • A closer walk
  • Family
    • Roles in transition:
      • Mother
      • Wife
      • Daughter
      • Career Woman
  • Work
    • Boredom reigns
    • Do I move or stay?
    • What do I want?
  • Home
    • Empty nest on the horizon
    • Do I move or stay?
  • The Boys
    • Moving up & Moving out
  • Explore
    • What do I want?
    • What wishes need to be fulfilled?
    • What Dreams need to be created and pursued?

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