Welcome to Milly’s Adventures

At least I hope they are adventures! My hope is you will laugh and/or cry at my escapades. But, most of all I hope you enjoy my reflection on life.

To begin this journey I was playing with words to create a blog name. I want something different. My husband comes in to check on me because of course its past my bedtime (ongoing personal battle for another time) and looks over my shoulder. He’s trying to figure out what is on the screen. I tell him “I’m playing with blog names.”

He says “okay” drawing the word out.

Knowing he would rather not ask, I ask him what he thinks of Question the Perplexing Enigmas for the name of my blog.

Again he says “Okay” drawing it out.

Hmmm So of course, I continue because I really should have been born under the sign of the bulldog. “Well two of the synonyms for enigma are question and perplexity. So I thought Question the Perplexity of the Enigmas for the blog name.”

I stood back quite proud of myself. He looked at me and asked, “Can you say that three times fast?”

Exasperated I have to say, “No” and hug him. He gives me a big fat kiss then whispers “It’s hard to say it one time slow,” and this why I am so easily distracted.

After that deflation my sons (one who is studying to be the next computer whiz kid and the other a gamer extraordinaire (I’m probably exaggerating but, heck who knows)), actually helped me with the name for my blog. Sigh, what am I going to do without my guys?  Just think the guys saved you from Question the Perplexing Enigmas, and saved me from writing it over and over.

My plan is to update the blog with my adventures, progress and failures two or three times a week (Fortunately, I do work for a living). Family stories are a big part of this idea, just because the funniest people in my life are the three guys inhabiting this domicile at the moment.

And just like my crazy self this blog may swerve in uncharted territory, be irreverent, politically incorrect, etc. Just so ya know, this blog will be spiritual because I am a spiritual person. God is an important component of who I am and I will include him in my posts.

I am a self-proclaimed multi-faceted woman with lots hidden deep within. Things even I and my close friends don’t know or want to understand. That is a big part of what I plan to explore about myself. Join me in a wild ride as I slide into the next phase of life. My goal is to be a sassy, saucy, slightly crazy Mama on track for the time of her life.

Love and Prayers Milly

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