WARNING: Some sensitive-minded people may find our dinner discussions offensive. We don’t mind if you choose to ignore our ‘free-ranging’ discussions. Enjoy…or not. It’s entirely up to you.  🙂

I called the family back together for dinner. We’ve gotten into the habit of grabbing our food and disappearing. The guys disappearing to their caves and myself busy with my laptop at the kitchen table. I yearned for dinner together for a change. I’m hoping we can do this at least once a week. You can imagine the eye rolls at my suggestion.

Chatting at dinner with my three guys, the conversation turned to a current movie spoofing action adventure movies. My eldest was explaining the movie to me. He knows I probably won’t go see the movie, or any movie for that matter, so there really are no spoilers for me. I figure I’ll get fascinated with movies when I’m much older and have the patience to actually sit through one. At that point I won’t remember the spoilers anyway.

We were talking about a particular actor in the movie and a look he has perfected. So my first-born boy gives me the dark heated intense spoof actor look. I said “Wow you really look good like that.”

He deepens his baritone voice and says “Thank you…I do.”

We all bust out laughing accept him. Still in the deeper baritone he says, “No really, Thank you, it’s because (pause) of you.” He of course is hamming it up with an absolute straight face. I’m still laughing.

Youngest says to his brother, “You’re really brown-nosing aren’t you?”

Oldest says with his eyebrow raised and in the deeper baritone, “I call it brown-nosing narcissism”

I was taking a bite. Their exchange caused me to laugh so hard it brought on a choking fit. I finally spit out “This is what I love!”

“You like choking?” (Exaggerating the k-ing!) Asks my youngest with a raised eyebrow.

“No, no…” I’m still sputtering. I circle the fork around the table. “This…Us…having fun at dinner…”

After that chuckle, the conversation veers off onto narcissism in America especially amongst the political classes.

Welcome to our Dinnertime.

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