Graduation: The Youngest

In the middle of last month I sat fidgeting in my youngest son’s high school graduation. I’m not very good at this sort of thing. Long ceremonies patting each other on the back tend to bore me. I also have some quirks that make events with no control of over the climate, sound, light etc. difficult. I get antsy at the very least or in serious pain at the very worst.

My son was not a star in school so I went in thinking there would be no recognition. In fact I’m thrilled he graduated on time and didn’t drop out of school last year or this past January as he had wanted. I didn’t want him to have the same regrets I had in dropping out of school in the 10th grade.

Backstory: I have a checkered educational background. My nieces and nephews call me the high school dropout that ‘made good’ because I did finally get a full high school diploma and a bachelor’s degree after dropping out of school. Not a path I would recommend.

Back to the present, my son is sitting with his senior class getting ready to continue his path. The school is giving out scholarships and honors that I am sure he’ll not get so…I let my mind wander daydreaming and looking forward to see where he and I go from here.

The teachers get to the point where they are announcing a new honors award that goes on the diploma itself. Basically it is a sticker. But! An honor nonetheless! I’m half listening to the names being called (lots of them in the beginning of the alphabet). Since we’re in the middle of alphabet I zone out again until, his name is called. Everything goes quiet as my head pops up and I exclaim “What!” (Think incredulous exclamation)

My oldest son is sitting next to me. Now this son was valedictorian. As the ceremony continues, we turn to look at each other, He looks at my face and bust out laughing (quietly of course). He must have seen my confusion and mortification at my outburst. I was hoping the teachers sitting six rows in front of us…had not heard me. It really is hard for me to practice decorum. 😮

It turns out my son, who is smart but not into book learning, did well in some honors courses and won a Scholar Merit on his diploma. Well I’ll be a monkey’s Auntie! Lesson learned never lose faith in the next generation and…pay attention during the Graduation Ceremony you may be pleasantly surprised!

Love to you


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