Sin Defined

SinSquared by Milly Moss
Sin Squared

Sin comes in all forms. Tonight it is caramel covered in rich dreamy dark chocolate. I look at the luscious chocolate square between my fingers. I’m thinking I really should not eat this. It’ll go to my hips. It’s sugar. I have a cold.

I lick my lips and think, tonight this is Sin Squared.

The chocolate is from my personal chocolate stash. In and of itself it’s not a bad thing to have a chocolate stash as long as I don’t overdo it. But, tonight I know my sugar levels are ramped up from feeding the cold and I’m tired from working all day. I’m no longer contagious but the coughing makes me even more tired which in turn makes it harder to control my sugar levels. Sugar also aggravates the cough. Yada. Yada. Yada.

Just one square, whispers through my brain…Ahh temptation…But of course, I don’t see it that way. I see the thought as reason. I can just eat one square. I have trained myself over many years to nibble the chocolate and not send my sugar levels flying. This is a thick caramel with a thick coating of that dark chocolate. Just one little square.

Four corners…four small bites…I take the first bite. The chocolate melts on my tongue as I chew the caramel…mmmm…I hum out as I enjoy the bite. I think about sharing the chocolates with the men in the house. I look wistfully at the little box. Here’s the thing about the guys. They don’t take just one. They take two or six. For them it becomes exponential sin. I mull this concept over while I savor the next three nibbles.

***Coughing fit*** Darn! Proves my theory! Really shouldn’t eat sugar with a cold! Paybacks are a…you know what!

Sigh…Really should have left that chocolate in the box. The worst thing is I really knew better…

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