My Dead Sea Perspective

A dear friend recently posted a video about the differences between the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee. I found the video encouraging. The point of the video is the Sea of Galilee is teeming with life because it takes and gives the water it receives from the Jordan River. By contrast the Dead Sea only takes water from the Jordan River and there is no life in the Dead Sea. I love the message of give and take in life. It is a reminder to work hard to achieve this balance in our modern life. However, I had a niggling feeling there was more to this story.

So here’s where I’m coming from today, spring and summer are the worst possible seasons for me in South Florida. Allergies run amok in my head along with the effects of the sun and heat, I am usually in serious pain, and from March to September all my sensitivities are aggravated. Last night was not restful and I woke feeling tired, achy, and generally not well. On top of it all I had a busy day planned. I ended up canceling one of the events and was feeling horrible about being the family “recluse.”

Our family is out-going and vibrant. There are a few of us introverts but we are outnumbered. Events, even good ones, drain my energy levels. I count on the weekends help me recharge for the workweek in the world seemingly full of extroverts. I realize I will be criticized for not going to the event today. I accept this fact. I also understand if I go tired and in pain I will end up hurting someone instead of biting my tongue. This balancing act is tedious and frustrating. I am trying to accept my aging and health limitations but, it frustrates me. I hate being so restricted.

Back to the Dead Sea! This is so exciting! I now have hope for my introvertism. Yes, I made up that word. It always amazes me how people I know and love deny there are true introverts in the world and speak about introverts as if we have a syndrome or something. Therefore I dubbed it “introvertism!” Amazingly some dearly loved peeps think it can be cured! Imagine that…I digress…The Dead Sea is not entirely unproductive. It is a wonder in chemistry.

In thinking about it; the Dead Sea takes and does not give water however, it produces. It transforms the mineral rich waters into base ingredients to make our lives better. Potash (Potassium Chloride), Bromine, and Sodium Chloride are a few of the minerals mined from this amazing water body. And let’s not forget all those wonderful Dead Sea bath salts I love in my bath!

I understand there are a small percentage of people who are completely selfish. Many like me may appear self-centered but under the surface we actually work quietly to improve our lives and be productive members of society. The Dead Sea is limited by its location and no outlet. Like the Dead Sea I am limited by my physical weaknesses.

Here’s my little lesson to myself today. While I may not give back to the world what I take, I do produce something different. The Sea of Galilee takes water and gives back life and water. The Dead Sea takes water and gives back salts and minerals for the world to use. We all give and take but everyone has a different gift to give. Today I took time away for myself but produced this post (I also did not spread negativity in the family today either 😉 ). My limitations may have slowed me but they did not stop me.

I hope this encourages you as much as it encouraged me.


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