3 Day Quote Challenge Day 3 – Independence Day!

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I love quotes. They encourage and inspire me. So I had to limit my selections for the challenge. Since the 3rd and final day landed on Independence Day I was inspired to go patriotic today. I love my Country. Here is the one I choose from the myriad available:

Quote 3: “God Bless America!” by Irving Berlin

It was difficult to pick just one quote. But I went with the classic because I do love God and Country! I am sad to see were we are right now. It is hard to watch our Country’s growing pains. It reminds me of the pains our Country has suffered through in the past. We have come a long way in 240 years. We have fought against tyranny around the globe. We have fought amongst ourselves. We have fought against each other. We have stood for what is right and what is wrong.

Our Country is one of the few countries that takes corrective actions once we are done squabbling (aka debating). We are one big family. Everyone of us is different and unique. We all have different hopes, dreams, backgrounds and goals. We all look, act, feel, and think differently but…We all are Americans! Just like a family…We may squabble but, you take on one, you take on all!

May our Country always be blessed by God. I chose this quote because it is one I pray everyday for my Country and my fellow Americans.

God Bless America today! Milly.

(Challenge Rules: Write 3 quotes, for 3 consecutive days and nominate 3 new bloggers.)

Note: I haven’t figured out who are the “new bloggers” yet or even how that is defined. So I guess ya’ll are off the hook. Unless you like the challenge…Have at it! I can tell you its a lot of fun 😀

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