My blog posts may seem random. Well… you are right they seem that way to me too. I’m still getting my feet wet in this new blogging world. I try to plan every detail of my life…and…Life so doesn’t work that way. Especially when I make a decision to move in a new direction.

Almost a year ago, I decided to choose health. Amazing things happened for me. Change took place and as usually happens with change, my life was turned upside down and inside out at first. Just like now! As I made decisions, developed habits, life slowly became a new normal. I had setbacks and challenges. It’s not easy but, definitely worth it.

This spring I’ve dived into another transition. This change is forced upon me by life’s progression. It is the dreaded “EMPTY NEST.” I have said through the years I have a twenty year commitment to my kids. Then I would be able to plot a new path in life.

I’m learning how naïve I can be. The empty nest is not as simple as I thought. It is an interesting conundrum for me. I am looking forward to my freedom. However, I don’t want to let go of my fledglings (I think of them as my eagles). Do I grasp and hold onto the status quo OR does mama eagle spread her wings and fly.

Well? I’m sort of flying. I am determined to take this a growth opportunity to make me better. I also want to give my kids freedom and confidence. {whisper this secret} And…what I really  want is to live my updated list of dreams. I also want to support and encourage my family, friends and those I touch in life. Hopefully including you.

Sometimes I see a change coming, like the empty nest. I thought seeing this change approach gave me time to make decisions and move smoothly forward. I knew I didn’t want to handle this one like I usually handle change. I am one of those who faces life’s required changes (for lack of a better term), with a stiff upper lip and push my way through it until it is over (so there!). It’s more of a battle than a transition. In fighting through the process I find myself burned out and exhausted at the end.

This time I want to handle the unavoidable by exploring my dreams. Then stepping out into a new realm (in other words outside my comfy cocoon) and live them. Part of that process for me is Milly Really. By blogging I want to encourage and entertain you (and myself) as the adventure unfolds. If I end up exhausted and burnt out it better be from too much fun!

I will let my kids be adults, pursue dream, and live instead of survive.

As with all decisions this one has thrown life in Milly’s realm into a tail spin. I’m still working on figuring out my schedule and time. Other items have been thrown in the path too. As usual, Murphy’s Law is sending luck my way, opportunities, and challenges abound.

This week I’m considering taking over my father’s care as well as possibly (finally) moving from the “starter home” I’ve lived in for over 20 years. I’m also lowering expectations at work and setting boundaries for myself. At the same time I’m lowering psychological walls. I built walls for protection. Because, now I want to see what’s beyond the walls. I will expand and grow. I’m facing fears of potentials. The most significant ones are blazing failure and amazing success. I am on information overload! That’s why my writing is so random. I have so many topics and stuff…I don’t know where to go next so I pick something randomly. That’s my thought! And I’m sticking to it!

I’ve decided to bring you a progress report (here it is) and a (hopefully fun) story every week. Let’s see where this leads me. I do know things will come together eventually. My hope is my Milly Really blog will evolve and grow with me. Then as I keep going the randomness will make sense in hindsight (I hope).

Till next time,


P.S. Speaking of Eagles, I plan to start a three-part blog on eagles in Milly’s Realm. You’ll see over the next several days.

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