Eagles in Milly’s Realm Part I – Mama Eagle

IMG_0833 (5)
Mama Eagle has the pins to prove it!


I promised Eagles I give you my Eagles! Family Style Eagles! Okay, both sons are Eagle Scouts. Boy Scouts may not be popular with everybody but it worked for us. Scouting gave my sons the opportunity to try an amazing variety of activities. In our personal economy I would never have been able to afford introducing them to so many activities and so much fun without scouting.

I never thought much about eagles other than they were majestic creatures and a symbol of our great nation. Then I took my son to check out Cub Scouts (part of Boy Scouts for younger boys), and signed him up to be a Tiger Cub Scout. His dad (My DH) had been a Boy Scout starting at Wolf Cub Scout (There were no Tiger Cubs back in the day). My husband made it through each level to achieve the rank of Life Scout. He claims he didn’t make it to Eagle Scout (the final rank) due to the three W’s: Work, Women and Wheels (Psst: personally I don’t like to think about the second W, even if it is way before my relationship with him!).

It’s funny…my path to Mama Eagle began at that first meeting to sign up my son as a Tiger Cub. I didn’t realize it at the time; I was becoming a Mama Eagle. I was there to support my sons in their activities. It is important to me to provide for my children as best as I can. This includes pursuing their interests and having fun, within reason and finances of course.

To get to the rank of Eagle Scout, a young man needs support of the adult leaders in his life. In many cases the support comes from Papa and Mama Eagles. Mama and Papa Eagles are not always parents or scout leaders. Many are supportive family members, siblings, friends, or teachers. Becoming a Mama Eagle was a slow progression for me.

I started as a supportive parent. I volunteered where I could but, stayed away from a scout leader position until my youngest son became a Tiger Cub. Then I signed on as his den leader (Den 8 is Great!). Five years! Five years I tell you. Did I enjoy it? Yes! And No! I loved seeing the boy’s progression and achievements. I hated camping, field trips, and paperwork. Yes, there is paperwork involved. I was so glad to retire my tight itchy uniform when he became a boy scout. Was it worth it? H. E. Double Hockey Sticks YEAH!

Both my boys made it through to the rank of Eagle. Did Papa and Mama Eagle have anything to do with it? H. E. Double Hockey Sticks YEAH! We supported, cajoled, encouraged, yelled, sweated, nagged, and even resorted to some bribery, like bringing the cookies and pizza, to get the job done! My boys told me to not let them give up. We did just that. We didn’t let them give up or give in. Being a Mama Eagle means supporting them through the entire process then shoving them forward to the finish line. Now that you know how I became a Mama Eagle, Let’s move on…

Parts II and III will fill you in on how each of the two fledgling Eagles living in my realm achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. Oh the stories I could tell. But, I’ll save them for another time. Let’s stick with how they achieved this rank in their own unique way.

Come Fly with Me!


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