Play Perception

I began my journey into play last Sunday; it was really a trip into my perceptions this week. My take away is: Perceptions have influence. Perception is not reality. Bear with me; these are some of my lessons over the past week…

It was a long adventuresome week; with some good things, and some not so good things. I woke on Monday excited about beginning a week of play! I was heading to the playground (my place of employment). On my way I notice the check engine light was on. I panic a little but look at the dash more closely at the red light. Whew, no other lights on the display. I’ll call the mechanic to get an appointment when I get to the playground.

I stowed my stuff in my cubby (my cubicle/office) looked around a bit nervously for my playmates (colleagues). It kinda feels like first day in a new class. I wonder if any of them read my post last night. If they did they didn’t mention it or tease me about my fanciful notions, so okay, a little disappointing but not a bad thing.

My tasks are the same. I feel a subtle shift. The things I do seem slightly more enjoyable and my attitude is shifting. Instead of how tedious will this review be? I start a document review with, what will find today? It’s not a huge jump up and down shift in attitude. But instead of looking at the task as tedious, I looked at it like a scavenger hunt or a word search puzzle. It felt good! I could feel the satisfaction in accomplishment instead of saying “Whew that’s over!”

I took off a little early to get the car checked out (I have a really great supervisor!). It’s the O2 sensor. And it’ll be $400. Okay…I try to put a positive spin on it as I walk home with my husband. “I got to play with cars today but it’ll cost us” I quip. He smirks and tells me he loves me. Love that guy!

This is when the inner cynic, who lives in my head, pipes up and says, “See it’s not all fun and games is it?” The inner cheerleader, who also has space in my head, tells me “Don’t give up yet! It’s only day one!”

This is generally how the week went. Up and down with good stuff and obstacles. I made it through the week day by day. I got to play Supervisor of Chores and Contractor ordering cabinets for the kitchen. I found I have lots of “jobs (roles)” to play. All of this brought to mind a particularly happy childhood memory.

On Friday, I remembered being a little girl “helping” Mom with the dishes. She would fill the sink with soapy water and put the dinner dishes in for me to wash and rinse. I was little enough to stand on the second step of a wooden kitchen stool and play with the dishes. Now I’m still short in stature but I no longer need a step stool for the dishes! I only need tall boys for the top shelves. So I was definitely under the age of ten!

The sink reminded me of being in the bubbles at bath time. Only this was for getting those dishes clean instead of me! (Sometime I’ll have to tell about my mango eating habits at this age. Oy! My poor mother!) I was so pleased to get those dishes clean and sparkly! I was usually soaked myself and it probably took forever but, by the time mom dumped me in the tub I was pleased as punch with my little self. I’m sure mom had to mop the floor in the kitchen afterwards too!

Over this week the positive attitude was battered here and there. Reality does bite. But, the memory made me smile and gave me some hope for play! I’m still undecided on the whole work/play thing. However I have not completely given up on the idea. I am considering refinements for a few reasons:

  1. I want to retire. I want to work at something I truly love. This is on my list of dreams.
  2. I want to work from home. Also on my list of dreams.
  3. I want to enjoy myself in all I do. (Yes I like lists. I admit it!)

I spent time discussing this with My God and praying. However the week was so hectic I did not delve much into his Words. Though my daily devotionals on Psalm 23 were AWESOME! I want to look at these words, work and play, more closely in his Words this week. And keep up the attitude while changing the perception (this is the habit part). I’ll be reporting back next week!

Though flooding the kitchen might be fun…

Love Milly.

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