Play feels like Work! What?



This weekend has been tough! And I’ve spent most of it playing. Go figure. I came to the realization that play is not just an enjoyable activity. It is also a way to pass the time. This is good for me since I get really antsy waiting for stuff to happen. I shake my foot, tap my finger (I know annoying right?), and roll my eyes. It’s better for everyone if I have something to distract me.

When my inner child comes out to misbehave, distraction and entertainment is needed. Insert play. I carry a book or magazine with me. Of course there is always my handy-dandy phone to distract me. So don’t judge the parent giving a child an electronic device to play with. I’m doing the same thing myself to stay quiet in line. And this way we kids (big and small) don’t disrupt the other customers like you and me.

This weekend I was sick. Headache and fever with an upset tummy. On the adult side, I was frustrated by not getting to my projects. My child side I was bored. I was so lethargic I did not want to move. The warring factions wanted me to solider through it.

In the past year I have learned, this can be a really bad idea. It only upsets the biological system that is uniquely me! So I tell my warring adult/child we will rest this weekend, and get over whatever bug was passing through the office this week. Therefore, I stayed home from work on Friday (no use in spreading the nasty little bug any further!)

Of course I had to entertain myself somewhat. Friday, I binge watched shows about tiny houses on two different cable channels. Tell me how do they do live in tiny houses. I have four people, myself included, in 1,000 square feet. We trip over each other all the time! I am absolutely fascinated by these little spaces but know it’s not my thing. More power to them! Ah…the 70s revisited…Oops.

That’s kind of how the whole weekend went. Look at magazines, watch TV, read a book (almost finished that novel), walked on the beach…We ate at home. I did some internet shopping. Planning for the trip…on and on it went flitting (slowly) from activity to entertainment and back again.

Sunday rolls around, I watched the Mass on TV, since I still not up to snuff. I get a little down since I really did not accomplish anything all weekend. A little catholic and old world work ethic guilt kicks in. My go to in the situation is prayer. Now I talk to Jesus as my big brother, and to God as my father. The Holy Spirit I speak to as a comforting friend. This is how I talked to God today, as my comforting friend, the Holy Spirit. I complained…I whined…I told him I played all weekend. I thought I heard a chuckle. Imagine that!

Then I realized what was bothering me. It was I didn’t think I enjoyed my play. Everything I did, except maybe cleaning the bathroom, was play. I cooked what I wanted, including those oatmeal cookies I can eat without going hyperglycemic, and ate it. I played solitaire and jigsaw puzzles on my laptop. I went shopping and researched stuff on the World Wide Web. I walked on the beach. {sssh…we walked under the pier…} I enjoyed the thunderstorms and binge watched TV. My child was VERY happy. I just didn’t physically feel well. The play actually felt like work. It took effort when all I wanted to do was curl into a ball and go to sleep. This would be bad because then I would be up all night. Tomorrow is Monday you know. And I am well enough to go back to work (No more fever)

I also realized this type of play has an important role. It helps to pass the time but, more importantly it helps me heal faster. My Type A adult was the one not happy today. Stamping her size nine booted foot this morning at all this “PLAY” (spat out in a growl). I have given into her before. It has not always turned out well. A little over two years ago resulted in a bad bout of bronchitis. This was the last bout of bronchitis I’ve had (Thank God). I intend to keep that way. A few months after that bout of bronchitis, with increasing sensitivities and chronic pain. I decided to choose health. It is still my mantra “I CHOOSE HEALTH.” The phrase is written on little cards throughout my home, car, and office.

This weekend I choose to play. In doing so, I choose health. Have a healthy start to your week.


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