The Storm Has Passed

Sunset the Day After

Milly is back on track! Our visitor did not stay long or raise the roof. Matthew decided to party his way up the coast. We are extremely grateful he conserved his strength on us. However, all of us in Milly’s Realm are keeping in our prayers the other towns and villages in the path of his pillaging storm.

I’m the type of person who chooses to laugh (sometimes awkwardly…inappropriately) in extreme situations {whisper: Actually in most situations}. Yes it is an annoying habit. But the other choice for me is to cry. Don’t get me wrong. I have cried and continue to pray for those who lost their lives, the injured, and their families. It has been such a tough week for the Islands and east coast of the U.S. of A.

For Milly’s Realm there were moments, when humor showed through the troubling clouds to keep our energy up for all the work Matthew demanded. This is what I have to share. I feel the Lord tickles me just to keep me going. He knows, with the pressure drop migraine, I would never get through checklist to safety.

One of the things we found funny during Matthew’s stay at my house was weather reporting. First it never seems quite as exciting as the weather reporters make it out to be. Sitting through the storm in a house turned tin can is BORING and we had power! What can I do, what can I do…rang through my head during the rest phase of prepping. Oh lets watch the weather!

Of course we flip through the channels catching all sorts of weather peeps doing crazy unsafe stunts while warning us not to do this at home. I keep wondering what they think that hotel pillar is protecting them from? And tell me why they don’t listen to their mama and get out of the rain. I munch on my chicken melt as I watch the weather woman’s hair melt, plastering itself against her face. Really? Not me, I’m not messin’ with my big southern 80s hair. No Way!

On Wednesday night, one famous weather peep is standing on Melbourne Beach with a beautiful breeze blowing a choppy surf in the background. He discusses the potential impact for Thursday evening. I eat some sweet potato fries. You know…I did burn a bunch of calories prepping three domiciles in 48 hours with Milly’s Team.

My mind wanders then returns to the story. The weather peep is relating how the house rented for the crew does not have shutters. My mouth drops open. You’re kidding me? I ask myself. This weather peep goes on to detail the need to shutter your homes and evacuate. I burst out laughing at the irony. Really? Me and mine are safe and snug in three tightly shuttered houses and you are going to risk life and limb sensationalizing an un-shuttered rental?

My guys and I discussed this at length with much hilarity. It was one of the highlights of our boredom. We never did find out what happened that night in the un-shuttered house. However, I love the scenario my sons devised. Weather peeps with cameras stationed at each un-shuttered window waiting for a branch to fly through it hitting the weather peep squarely in the camera lens…OUCH!. Then the eulogy will intone the dangers in store for weather peeps everywhere.

I think they are mainly putting on a daredevil show for all of us to watch like a train wreck. I don’t want to watch…but…I can’t look away. Pass the popcorn please!

Safe and sound in the Sunshine State.


P.S. Matthew did not cancel my travel plans (thank you fantastic bosses!) We are on our trek to NC today! Road Trip! Hopefully I will be able to post a Travel Log tomorrow or Tuesday. Let the adventure begin!

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