Sunset in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Thinking of stages today; stages in nature, life, and of course, in travel (since I’m on a trip)


Again God’s nature left me with my jaw hanging open. I thought I was too early to see the color of autumn this year. God surprised me because overnight his angels used their paintbrushes to decorate a lot of the mountains and trees yesterday. I know it’s not just for me but, it sure felt like it.

The colorful leaves got me thinking about stages. Everything in life comes in stages. The year is broken into stages we call seasons. My favorite season has stages too. First the weather cools, then the plants ripen their bounty. As the sun becomes less intense, the plants undergo chemical changes for hibernation and facing the winter. Except for the evergreens, the leaves begin the process of turning. The trees display an array of deep colors for us to enjoy. Then they fall. All the while nature reminds us to prepare for the winter ahead.

Granted living in our hermetically sealed boxes we do not prepare for winter in the same way our ancestors did. However every year at this time I am reminded to prepare my way with the Lord. This year it also reminds me to prepare myself for this adventure I decided I needed to embrace. I really don’t have a choice in this life transition. However, I like to think I choose to let those eagles fly (one will need a kick out of the nest) and create a life filled with dreams. At least this mom won’t be dragged through the empty nest transition kicking and screaming.

That reminds me…Travel stages. I started the trip handling challenges life throws at people when they change-up the routine. In this case it was a storm threat (Travel Prep Stage). Once on the road and traveling to my destination (Travel To Stage). I re-learned a valuable lesson by watching “living in the present” in action. As much as I dislike the travel part of traveling, I am glad I grabbed this opportunity.

Leaning heavily on my God and Milly’s Team I went through with much less pain than in the past. Other than the storm migraine, the head and joint aches were much less than in the past. When the serotonin and glucose levels were off, I recognized the symptoms quickly. Then I expressed the problem and managed it better. In other words, I let my team help and I dealt with the situation rather than suffering. Imagine that! Using the information and tools God sends my way. Huh who woulda thunk it.

The next stage was being here in the mountains getting the tasks completed AND enjoying ourselves in the process (Travel Purpose Stage). Check those off the list. This morning will begin the Travel Back Stage of the trip. We will finalize the work here, close up the house until the next rental comes in to enjoy. We will hit the road again heading for home. Once there we will unpack to fall back into our daily routines. Whew! No wonder people say they need a vacay from their vacay!

On the Blue Ridge Parkway 2016


I am also reminded of an adventure. Yesterday evening we finished as much as we could get done before we leave. We decided to take an hour or so to ride a portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway. As we are getting ready to leave I say to my wise cracking husband. If you really want an adventure you’ll let me drive {psst: He hates to let me drive in the mountains. How will I ever learn this driving mystery? ((Shrug)) I guess I’ll figure it out as needed 🙂 }.

Within two to three seconds he responds with, “If you drive will never get on the Parkway.” I laugh at his playful remark. As my youngest son joins in the fray with:

“If we really want an adventure you’ll let mom drive and I’ll navigate. Then we’ll end up in Canada!”

Overall the outing was a beautiful and fun drive taking in the leaves and mountains with two of my favorite guys.

Now for the travel back stage of this week. Happy Trails


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