Blackened Friday



The official starting gun for the Christmas Holiday Race is another conundrum for me: Black Friday! Oh! How it has changed, or was it me who changed? What is it about Black Friday?

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Shadow Worlds

Chemical Dependence (Part III):


Milly’s Realm has shadow worlds. I feel all our Realms have shadowy spaces. So far on my quest I have identified two such worlds in my Realm. I’ve described my scary forest (fear) but, I go to another shadow world more often. Milly’s castle walls hold a secret place. It is the dungeon.

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Chemical Dependence: The Good, Bad, and (hopefully) Funny

Milly A-Walkin’


Humans seem to be chemically dependent. Including me! Wow there is so much for us to partake in, carbs, caffeine, proteins, and pain relievers. That’s just the legal stuff. Some are natural and some not so natural… I’m not hating on it. Chemical dependence can be healthy too.

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my silence does not mean i don’t care


Heads up, I’m gonna break my family rules here. I’m unsure and afraid (but fully dressed! Thank God!). In the family I grew up in these topics were verboten. So I’m going to forge ahead. I’m feeling religion and politics…Okay, It’s out there…No turning back now…I hope this doesn’t kill my blog…

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