A Vice and a Virtue

Perspective: Beauty in Nature?…Water & Weeds?

The idea has had some discussion in Milly’s Realm. Can a vice be a virtue? Can a virtue be a vice? It’s an interesting conundrum. I think so…


Now you are in for a dose of Milly’s inner thought processes. Uh Oh…Not sure I really want to let this out into the world. Okay here goes (deep breath)…

My sons and I discuss the oddest things. I really do think they are trying to keep my mind active and me young. Seriously, we recently lost my Father-in-law to Alzheimer’s. So my dear, not so sweet sons, make me think. Oy Vey! I thought I was the one supposed to make them think!

Sometimes I come home tired (like this particular evening). I just want to sit and veg. Oh No! Not gonna happen (said with finger waving in the air and head jerking side to side. You can just see it…right?). As I am walking in the door, I put my stuff down on the table to sort out. And the eldest son says, “I’ve been thinking…”

Uh Oh, I think to myself

“I have a trait that is both good and bad.”

My curiosity has now been peaked. I take the bait. “How so?”

He waits a beat (He is a master at timing). “I don’t take anything seriously.”

I laugh. Then get a little thoughtful. “Like a vice that is a virtue?”

“Exactly! Or maybe a virtue that is a vice.” He declares. “Most people like how light-hearted I can be. But they don’t like it when I don’t take something as seriously as they want me too.”

I tell him I need to think about this. I may have to blog about the idea. He heads to his room all proud of his deductions. Happy, I head to kitchen to put together dinner from my hunting and gathering excursion.

A few days later (today in fact), I am thinking of my blog. As I eat my lunch I glance through my list of topics (prompts if you want to call them that). I spy the title here. Hmmm…The title peaks my interest again. Vice-virtue… virtue-vice …Do I have a virtue-vice? Yes, I find I do have a virtue-vice. The ability to analyze situations, words, etc.…

How is it a virtue? Well my work requires quite a bit of analysis in determining what something means, what is the intent, does the meaning and intent match, and what the possible ramifications are. I once was accused (not in a complementary fashion) by a family member of being a “Yes But” person. I was a teen at the time and could not understand why an admired cousin did not think about the future of decisions made. Funny how life works, I actually ended up in a field requiring someone to ask “Yes, but” or “What if.” So I really do think of this trait, known as analysis, as a superb virtue. So there!

The flip-side is, especially in my personal life, I can get in the weeds. I literally get bogged down in the details. I easily get overwhelmed. Spending too much time planning and analyzing my course of action without starting the action! As the incident with my cousin illustrated, it can be frustrating for my friends and family to put up with me going “Wait, wait one more website!”

I got home and asked my second son what he thought his virtue-vice might be. After a few seconds of thought, he claimed “Indifference.”

I had to think about it for a minute then, had to agree. [psst I would call this one a vice-virtue] There are situations when detachment is a good thing. I have found in some business situations I had to put aside emotions to do what was best for my staff and my agency. I had to force myself to be detached and well…indifferent. For the most part indifference can be annoying when someone (Like MOM!) wants you to care about something like…I don’t know…let’s say getting a job!

Think about your flip-side. I sure am. Love Ya’ll,


2 thoughts on “A Vice and a Virtue

  1. Hi honey, I want to thank you for your wonderful blog on a vice and a virtue. I used it today at a teaching on our vices and our virtues. It was a blessing to everyone and especially to me. As I really have done some soul-searching myself. Thanks,Mom


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