my silence does not mean i don’t care


Heads up, I’m gonna break my family rules here. I’m unsure and afraid (but fully dressed! Thank God!). In the family I grew up in these topics were verboten. So I’m going to forge ahead. I’m feeling religion and politics…Okay, It’s out there…No turning back now…I hope this doesn’t kill my blog…

I’m talking about silence concerning these topics. There is power and protection in silence. Silence is also wrought with danger. I stay silent and keep these subjects close to my chest. If the angst doesn’t go running amuck through friendships, familyships, and colleagueships, things stay calm, cool and collected…Maybe…The danger is in the slip-ups. Those banana peels are everywhere.

The art of causing someone slip-ups becomes a game amongst the frenemies. They really do try to trip me up. I’m not great at cat and mouse games, mainly because I don’t like being the mouse…or the cat for that matter. I never understood the sense in creating so much angst.

This year, everybody seems to want to know who I am voting for, and how I disagree with my church. I have a hard time sharing this information with people I don’t trust. Usually I stammered and make my excuses to escape. Every time I slip up and state my position the revelations open me up to judgement and criticism. It’s hard to lose my protections by opening up to people.

I am part of the silent majority. It exists because we want to keep our jobs, acquaintances, and friends. To us the decisions we are asked to make every two to four years are important. We want to be involved but, we need to keep our bills paid. It’s nice to have the luxury of saying what you please. Most of us do not have the choice. It is extremely hard to say something when it may take food away from your table.

Here are the facts of my situation {reminder to Milly, no whining allowed}. In 2005 you could say we were middle class. Then lower middle class. Now we live paycheck to paycheck with very little cushion. I have four adults in the house. Two of us are working with two looking for work {Dang…Oh how I want to whine and moan}.

The fact is I am extremely blessed. I have been able to work during the entire recession. I still have my home. My family is intact and amazingly we get along most of the time. This week I will celebrate twenty-seven years of marriage. Granted it will be with a coupon…But the marriage has weathered a ton of storms in the last several years. These are all things to celebrate.

Do I want it to be better? Yes! I want our economy to thrive. I want to have enough financial stability to retire (at least partially). I want my country back. I want us Americans to love our God, ourselves, our fellow Americans, and our world again. We seem to have lost love. That’s right we need love.

Not the general love or the sensual love dominating our society. I’m talking love for our fellow human beings. Love generating respect. Love allowing differences in thoughts with understanding we are all children of God. Understanding we are all on different paths in our walk with the Higher Power. We all have something to learn and contribute.

I will continue to be as silent as I can be on religion and politics. I will continue to vote my conscience. I will not be shamed into voting for or against someone. I will vote for honesty and integrity. I will vote against takers draining the moral fabric of our Country. I have spent the last several months in prayer for my country. I will continue to pray for our healing. Spiritual renewal and healing will make America strong again.

Here is what I have learned in the last several weeks. I will not tell anyone how to vote. I will practice loving my fellow man as God loves me. I will trust God holds us in his hands. I trust this nation will turn back towards love and light. I will vote my heart on Tuesday morning praying my rosary on my walk to the polls (now you know my religion).

Those who are silent have a reason. Remember our vote counts too! Stay strong whether you are silent or not. I know you care.

Love Milly

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