1. Something happening or changing swiftly; 2. Something very destructive; 3. A column of air rotating rapidly around a core of low pressure. [Ref. Encarta Dictionary] Pretty much describes the last week of my life – a whirlwind. The week has been an exhilarating, thrilling, rousing, overwhelming, stressful, kind of week.

When the whirlwind started confusion reigned. I valiantly fought off worry and fear. By Monday afternoon I was ready to throw in the towel and call it a week. Where was Friday? Oh way down there at the far end of the tunnel. There was Friday.

Hmmm…I, Milly have been described as a whirlwind. Especially when I get wound up. Sometimes it’s good like these synonyms: swirl, headlong, quick, speedy, quickie…

And sometimes down right bad like these synonyms: Mayhem, tumult, confusion, headlong (Me? Yes!), impulsive (almost always gets me into trouble), breakneck, welter, and hurly-burly.

Mostly, I’ve found a Milly Whirlwind is destructive. They’re usually unleashed when I’ve been Hungry Angry Lonely Tired (HALT). Old adage, but it’s true. It’s usually when I need to stop, Regroup and Rest (R & R…and you thought that meant rest and relaxation eh?). This week started with my dog needing medical attention, my car needing mechanical attention, my husband getting a second job, and a boatload of tension at work just when my workload is peaking. Then there is the usual stuff: Kitchen renovations, obligations, youngest son has an interview on Monday (Ack!), and Christmas.

The car and Jo were the most serious. Bad news is Jo needs surgery. I need a new car. Good News is: Dog is healthy enough for surgery! I got pre-approved for a car loan at a great rate! Dear Husband picked up the second job! He can work full-time now!

Worry settled in on Sunday. I turned to my source Jesus. Went to church and began thanking him for all the good in my life. It set the tone for the week. I choose to keep my eyes on Jesus because, I needed the positive. I needed the peace. I thanked him for family, friends, my home, etc.. When I began to worry, I turned to prayer allowing the peace to sink in.

Sometimes the prayer did not come to mind. I resorted to my rosary. I identified the worst outcomes and as I prayed asked for the strength thanked God for it. My worst was my precious Jo would have to be put down and I would need a new car with no way to pay for it.

Well Monday rolled around. I got in to see the vet (she had a cancellation). I got the “Bring the car in first thing in the morning” from the mechanic. Jo needs surgery. I held my breath waiting for the prognosis. “If she were my dog, I’d try the surgery.” I wanted to kiss the vet! And on Tuesday the blood work says Jo is healthy enough for surgery. I had the verdict on Silver Sweet (my car). Yes I need a new car. By Wednesday, Husband was working full-time and I had a car loan in hand. Yesterday I ended up working late to finish something while the holiday stress swirled around the office. We have one person who is her own whirlwind creating the drama. Due to my deadlines I was forced to ignore the office antics.

Out of all of this I am learning to focus on peace, My Lord.  It pushes the worry away. My almost 13-year-old Jo is not ready to lay down and die. The car situation will be okay. I have a boatload of work to focus on forcing me to ignore the holiday/office drama. Wow the pieces fell into place one by one. Not by my usual way of doing things.  I kept a thankful heart and my eye on my Lord. The puzzle is coming together.

A whirlwind by definition is destructive. But in scripture God is described as a whirlwind or using it. The whirlwind can be used to destroy or clear debris. Either way we have to rebuild. God used the whirlwind to take Elijah up to heaven. [Ref. 2 Kings  2:11] Can you imagine trusting God enough to take you from earth to himself riding on the wind. It boggles my mind. I like my feet on terra firma!

It was still a tough week to go through. I’m following the light of the Prince of Peace. He got me to where I am today. Piece by piece, I followed the steps. The puzzle of the week shows a brandy new chariot in Milly’s realm. She is a sleek dark gray with tinted weather shields and 169 horses under the hood.

I’m still working through the other big rocks. They will be built into something beautiful too…Just wait and we will see what the Lord will do.

May the Prince of Peace light your path.


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