I’m Dreamin’

Out of the Blue!


Everything has stopped. The parties, the shopping, the preparing, the gifting, the sharing… Do you feel it too? Stillness and calm as everything in the world pauses to take a breath.

I love the week between Christmas day and New Year. For as long as I can remember during this week, I dream and craft my “new year resolutions.” I don’t think I’ve expressed this to anyone…I dream. I daydream. I night dream. This is time in the year I get to indulge in this favorite activity.

Unfortunately the last month of 2016 didn’t work out this way. It seemed I did nothing but wrap up so many things I was hoping to deal with later. It was like my God said no, no, no, young lady. We need to wrap this up now!

Whoa! Wait a minute. I thought I had more time. I’m not ready!

I am ready? What? I didn’t realize it but, I was ready to handle all these things I had pushed to the back of my “to do” list. I tackled each task as it arose. Large and small tasks were handled. I leaned on God’s guidance and my family. Together we broke the large tasks into smaller steps. I prayed a lot and we followed the steps to finalize what needed to be done.

Today I thought of the parable of the ten virgins in Matthew 25. When I was younger I would worry about being like the foolish virgins, unprepared and found lacking. I was so wound up in tasks and wants. It seemed I was never ready. I’ve tried to ignore this parable for most of my adult life. I don’t like it!

Why wouldn’t the wise virgins share? Why do they get locked out? They’re probably good people too. They’re probably trying to juggle too many things like all of us. I’m forgetful by nature. I understand forgetting the little bottle of oil. I would remember the lamp but not the extra oil!

I’ve never been the perfect Christian or even person. I want to be but, I fail. I’m not the woman who can do it all with the spotless organized house and the high flying career. Lord knows I’ve tried. I have fail miserably on those points. All I can offer God, family, and friends is my love. Because I’m a Hot Mess!

My thoughts going into the Thanksgiving holidays were. I’ll handle the car repairs, dad’s eye surgery, Jo’s health and all the rest after New Year. I prayed “Lord just let me get through the holidays.” Boy was I wrong. This morning I found myself in severe pain. All my joints inflamed and a migraine mixed with sinus pain. I forced myself to take a sick day (Yes, on Sunday I don’t usually work at my career but I always play catch up at home). I wasn’t feeling better until afternoon.

During the day I rested, napped and thought about how amazing 2016 was. The year was not fun but it was amazing. I hadn’t thought about the parable in years. It popped into my head today. I didn’t want to think about the parable but I ran with it. I realized, I am prepared for 2017. Leaning on my Savior I was able to handle all the tasks sent my way. I am one of the wise ones. I am prepared to lean on God’s understanding and git ‘R done!

I didn’t get to daydream much this week and I have not set resolutions. The only one I have in mind is revisiting my list of dreams. I’m going to dust it off, update it, and make revisions. I realized this list of dreams was mine and mine alone. It is a list of my wants and desires. Something is missing.

I am going to dream in a different way this year. Before I dream, I’m going to pray first. They will still be my dreams but, I’m adding God’s input into them. Then I am going to take action. I’m going to live the dream! As always I will keep you posted along this incredible journey.

Keep dreaming. Happy New Year!


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