Hoard Nothing


So here’s the thing…On January 5th I’m reading my devotion for the morning. The title is “Hoard Nothing.” I think how appropriate for this season of my life. Oh I did not have an inkling of the lesson I would receive a few days later!

Hah! My God has a sense of humor (Thank you Lord God Almighty!). If I didn’t believe in his humor before…I do now! The devotional was short and very good. It reaffirmed my path to reduce my acquiring and cluttering. I was reminded to let the things flow freely from my hand to bless others. Christians are not meant to fill our storehouses. We are meant to share our stores. Money is not meant to stagnate. All in all this was a good lesson for me the pack-rat and part-time prepper girl (just a couple of my many facets). I continued on my merry little way thinking I’d absorbed the lesson. Oh No! Not this time. This lesson came with an exclamation point. I’ll not be forgetting this one anytime soon.

Well on Sunday I was meeting my beautiful step-daughter for breakfast and getting my first professional pedicure. By the way, she’s beautiful inside and out. Just braggin’ a little and yes she was right. The pedicure with foot massage was heavenly.

We ate our breakfast and enjoyed each other’s company at a popular café. I followed my modus operandi and asked for a box. As usual, I couldn’t finish everything on my plate.  I loaded up the home fries to take to the boys. This is all habit for me. I hate to waste food. I usually can’t finish a meal in a restaurant. So with guys at home I just take the food home and it’s usually gone by morning.

I set the box on my car seat and start the car to follow her to the salon. I think, maybe I shouldn’t take the potatoes. Maybe I should put it on the floor. Why am I keeping them? (Yes thoughts ping around my head). I follow her vehicle. Hmmm…do I hoard food? Uh Oh I better catch the light! I gun the engine a little.

Now you need to know I have leather seats in my car. I’ve never had leather seats in a car before. I’m maneuvering through the turn a little faster than I intended (okay maybe more than a little faster). My gut clenches as I watch, from corner of my eye, something white slide across the seat and slam into the passenger door. Man! those leather seats are slick! I settle the car in the lane and glance over. The box has popped open like a discarded party prize, and little potato cubes are scattered all over the floor of my new to me car. If I wasn’t driving I would have hung my head in chagrin.

I hear the little voice in my head chuckle: “Hoard Nothing.” I’ll never forget this lesson. Have FUN and laugh!


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