Delegate? Really?

It dawned on me!


What is this strange word? It feels so strange on my lips. Maybe if I sound it out…Del-e-ga-ate. Ah no, doesn’t feel right. I am Woman! Right? I can do it all! Right? Okay maybe not all at once…or without help. Oh how I want to!

At one time in the distant past I was a manager at a local utility. I was treated well, and I had a great team. I received good and sometimes great reviews. The one thing I was told to improve (over and over again) was I needed to delegate more. See I was a hands-on type of manager. There were times I had to force myself to back off and let my team do what they did best. Not easy for me, I wanted to be in the mix too!

That annoying word, delegate, came up last evening. I drove my youngest to his first union meeting. This fledging eagle wants to fly sooner and has decided to apprentice while working. He has gained an apprenticeship and started classes last week. He has not yet started working.

On the way to his meeting we talked about my work experience and career. We actually had a discussion of my strength (willing to get my hands ‘dirty’) and the accompanying weakness, delegating work. We discussed the give and take in a working situation.

His meeting was only about an hour and a half so I went to a coffee shop with my computer. I edited chapter 28 of my novel while I sipped my latte. It was a nice little respite for me.

Coming home I quizzed him on his meeting. Yes I’m still the mom at heart. I wanted to know when he would start work. He needs to buy a car. He needs to be working to pay for the car. He danced around the issue.

I was more than a little tired so I started stressing. My questions became rapid fire. Are my ears whirring? Oh no I think I hear the momcopter blades revving for some high-powered hovering.

Finally he said. “Whoa mom hold up!”

I went quiet. While I slowed the car, took a deep breath, and loosened my fingers on the steering wheel. I said “okay.” I think I was calm or at least calmer as I continued. “What is it?”

“Mom, remember what we talked about?”

“What? We talked about a lot of things.” I snap.


“Oh that…”

He chuckled low (but I heard it!), “You need to delegate my working to me.”

He did it. The momcopter blades started slowing. I was speechless (for a couple of minutes). I recovered. “You’re right. I do need to delegate your life to you, But…”

“Yes” he said with patience (where did he get that? Not from me!)

“You’re still living at home. So you need to start working soon.”

“Yes, yes, I understand.” He waves his hands in a dismissive manner as he smiles. I leave it at that.

Once home and settled a bit, I talk to God about this concept, delegating their lives to them. I’m not sure I can do this. Cutting them loose is an easy concept for me. But not taking care of the details of their lives is foreign. Ya mean they need to do their own laundry? (Woo hoo happy dance!)

Seriously it’s not like school where a parent can arrange and intercede in the situations as they arise. They really have to go out on their own and make their way without the mom safety net. I’m not going to be able to hover. {sigh} I realize I’m running out of fuel for the momcopter. It’s time to delegate. Hoo Boy! I’m gonna need that prayer time even more now. And I thought the terrifying twos forced me to pray!

So who’s growing up today Milly? Or the Boy?


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