Coffee Shop Judgement

I love coffee! Coffee is my drug of choice. Understand this and you will understand the fanatic side of Milly. However, I am not a coffee connoisseur.

I will work hard to not name any coffee shop in my blog. And this is why: the minute I name a chain brand, a judgement will pop into most people’s heads (I also am not immune to this phenomenon). Here’s the thing. I like them all. Big chains, local chains and mom & pop shops. I want a good cuppa joe. I do love the personal attention of a barista. But overall I’m very blue collar about my coffee. I’m not going to figure out the nuances in coffee. Chocolate undertones? Say what! It tastes like…Oh! I know! Coffee!

So what is up with the coffee shop judgement? The only social statement I’m making here is I may not be civil until I get some caffeine in the system. I ignore all the fluff when it comes to coffee shops. As long as I’m treated well as a customer and I get what I order I’m good.

It’s annoying when someone approves or disapproves of me based on the logo on the cup in my hand. It’s going too far when you feel you need to stealth your coffee.

I find it funny that back in my parent’s day you made the coffee at home to save time and money. My dad would tote that big ole Stanley thermos full of coffee to get him through second shift. I’m packing my coffee for the day to save money. Who would thought a cheap cup of coffee would be $2.09! Really its flavored water and a little half & half! I also bring my own to stop the brand judgement. I want people to know me for who I am.

Thinking about this makes me realize how easy it is fall for the trap of judgement. I find myself doing the same thing. Maybe the dolled up beauty with the fancy coffee drink really isn’t a model or trophy wife. Maybe she just rewarding herself after a hard day on the job. Maybe the big guy in the worn t-shirt and jeans is not a down on his luck working stiff. Maybe he’s a rich guy who just wanted a cuppa joe after gassing up the beamer.

How quick we make a label based on what we see. I find myself a little stunned when I chat with someone and find out how different they are from how I perceive them to be. If this is a game. I lose. What I see on the outside is rarely true. It is a good thing God sees the heart. This is why I need to love people faults and all. I can’t see the inside. God can see our heart and he loves us all. I have to love in faith and drop my judgements.

Here’s to love, faith and acceptance!


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