My Lighthouse


I woke to a cold rainy winter day this Sunday morning. As I drove to Church I spied our Town’s lighthouse shining through the mist of the morning drizzle. I then realized I was heading to my Lighthouse…

I had time to stop and snap a few pictures of the lighthouse in my town. Yes the opening picture is my town’s physical lighthouse. However, I was not meeting with this lighthouse. I had an appointment with the Lighthouse for my soul. I had an appointment with the Holy Trinity. I jumped back into Spicy Mama’s warm dry interior and got myself to my Church with time to spare before the appointed hour.

As I knelt to thank God for this holy place and time, I thanked him for the cold wet day and for the dreams he’s helped me draft. I prayed again for his guidance and inspiration. I asked him to open my heart to his word. Then, I settled into the pew to absorb the Light. I was rewarded with the beatitudes.

He is the Light in my soul. He is the Light I seek. He cuts through the darkness when I am angry, depressed, or in physical pain. He is the Light that draws me away from temptation and distraction. And boy! Do I get distracted and tempted! Let me tell you…Oh maybe not, since I’d be…uh…distracted.

When I follow the Light my path is clearer. He cuts through the mist and fog of my pain and stubbornness. It’s hard to follow the path. I am a proud person. Sometimes I get rebellious and want to go my own way. I don’t listen. I explore the darker path without my Light. I get myself in trouble. You would think I would learn right? I’ve been on the earth for fifty odd years and I still set out on my own to explore without guidance. What was it the Apostle Paul said?

“Miserable one that I am! Who will deliver me from this mortal body?” Romans 7:24

I understand Paul’s cry. The formula seems so easy. Follow his Light. Follow his precepts. And I do follow…sometimes…And sometimes I do not. He rescues me and I come back to follow the Light some more.

A few months ago I decided to return to Church. I had been “trying” to go to mass for a several years. The chronic pain made an easy excuse to stay home and watch the televised mass on TV. Writing this blog made me want to return to my community. I struggled to face down the excuses, deal with the pain, and go. I found a mass with no music (the vibrations can trigger headaches). Then I committed to going to that mass. It was a first step in following my Light.

In South Florida we don’t have many cold rainy winter days with gray skies. I woke with a headache because of the weather. I made myself get up and get ready. I almost turned around and went back to bed when I walked outside. I felt slapped in the face with cold damp mist. Wow my sweater has too many holes! [It was a light weight loosely woven ‘Florida’ sweater] I just didn’t expect today’s gray day!

I’m so glad I went ahead with my plans today. When the light of the lighthouse caught my eye. I had looked over in time to see the light brighten and turn towards the sea. This lighthouse provides a guide for those sailing into a man-made inlet which can be dangerous at times. I turned my attention back to the road. I thought about God’s Light (his guidance). How he guides me through the dangerous paths in my life. It was then that I realized I was heading to God’s house. My soul’s Lighthouse.

I am blessed. May you be blessed also!


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