Getting Back on Track

Beach Sunflower


I seem to spend my life getting back to what I started. It feels so good when our tasks spin off with a big stamp of “DONE.” Well…a lot of things got done in January. Yay! Now for the goals and plans that lay scattered throughout Milly’s Realm that were abandoned while I was reacting to life.

I am a natural-born doer. I jump in without really thinking. Most of the time it works, and sometimes not so much. The job may not get done in the most efficient manner but it’s DONE! That’s what counts right? Maybe? Some tease me that I was born under the sign of the Taurus. I don’t put much stock in astrology personally. I feel only one connection to the Taurus. I’m usually the bull in the china shop. {snort}

I charge in and figure it out as I go. I start a bunch of things at once and work messily through the tasks. I am usually surprised by what works out. I’m also surprised by the mess I have to clean up! Remember…Bull…China Shop.

I’d like to blame my workaholic father for this. But at thirty I made a pledge to stop blaming my parents. Somewhere in my thirtieth year I realized everything going on in my life was my own *darn* fault! If I wanted to change something it was up to me and I could no longer blame anybody but myself for my messes.

Don’t get me wrong. Parents can do massive damage to their kids. My parents did their best with the tools given them. Most of the “damage” done has now been whittled down into little quirks that make me the loveable crazy lady I am.

An aside, I have to tell you what my mom has told me in various ways through the years. In a nutshell: “As a parent you look at what hurt you as a kid, and then do better than your parents. That way each generation gets better.” Sage advice from a Sage Mom. I have to say she succeeded in greatly surpassing her childhood. She definitely lived what she taught.

The tasks distract me from my dreams, my walk with God, and my writing. My dreams stretch on into the future beyond the day. I have to remind myself daily (sometimes several times a day), I don’t have to do it all in one day, or month, or year.

I realized I had not completed my goal of decluttering the paperwork and filing by the end of January. I had not blogged consistently, or updated my “about” page for the new year (I’m working on it…I promise). I also realized we got a wicked amount of work done in January! {so eighties right?} Yay Us! Well I guess that means I need to get back on track in February 2017. One great thing about the calendar; you don’t run out of fresh starts! There is always a new day, week, month, or year. So here we go with February’s first blog post.



4 thoughts on “Getting Back on Track

  1. Hope you don’t mind but I use the last part of your blog in our Bible study today. It fit perfectly into what we were discussing. Keep up the good thoughts! We are enjoying them. Love you


    1. Hi Gayle, I do not mind at all. These insights from God to me bless me. I am so blessed that it makes me want to share them. I am thrilled you are blessed too and sharing them with others. Enjoy and share as you feel moved. Love Milly


  2. How wonderfully true it is that we don’t run out of new starts. A chance to get all those things done, on our list, and in our hearts. Maybe February will be the month we accomplish that.


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