Okay so I’m being silly. I’m blaming the full moon. The word for the day yesterday was “résumé.” And boy did we have some fun with words…

My eldest son and I have so much fun feeding each other’s crazy. Yesterday was no different. Do I dare to continue with the story? …Of course I do!

I needed to update my résumé for work. Since I was busy I brought it home as ‘homework.’ It was…my résumé so; it seemed to be the right thing to do. Besides, this opportunity would bless me not necessarily my boss. Right?

I dust off my two year old version and got to work rewriting and re-polishing the blasted never perfect paper. I’m as critical of this paper as I am my life. Because just what is a résumé? It is your career in a nutshell. I hate trying to stuff the meat back into the nutshell. It leaves such a pile of crumbs.

This is the way I feel about the resume. I’m trying to stuff twenty odd years of career life into two pages. There’s a lot of good stuff left on the table. Anyway I get close to finishing my streamlining and the Eldest Prince returns from a…let’s say bad day at work (he of course has a more colorful vocabulary…Well so do I but it’ll be our little secret for now). So we chat. Then I ask the question burning at the back of my throat.

“Okay my re-zoom-may” (gotta say it right you know) “…is two years old and I’m sick of Arial font because that is all we use at work. So…what do you suggest for a font on a resume?”

He looks serious as he mulls over the question. “Hmm…” He considers, then his tone thoughtful he says, “Jokerman for the headers and Comic Sans for the body.” He quirks that blessed eyebrow and deadpans me.

I stare at him, probably with my mouth open, trying to process what he just said. I see the corner of his mouth quirk up on one side. The joke starts to dawn on me. I grin. Then he finishes.

“And print it on pink paper.”

I bust out laughing so hard tears start forming. Timing is everything right? So having been a manager in a past work life, I say the first thing that pops into my twisted brain, “So the manager says, who’s the Joker with the pink paper…Let’s interview him.”

The Eldest Prince grins and states “Exactly!”

Then we get serious about the font thing and start looking up business advice. Well of course we have all the usual suspects: Arial, Courier, Calibri, etc. I did like “didot” just because it looked cool but, decided the font name looked too much like “idiot” and that might be bad luck on a career document. Georgia was nice but then I came to “Trebuchet MS.” Oh My.

The Prince who took a smattering of French in school was trying to teach me how to pronounce the word Trebuchet. Well I dropped out of French, Italian, and Spanish (in that order). I took German instead because, I actually could pronounce the words without insulting the teachers! Goosd Tag! Anyway I roll my R’s. I am also tone deaf so we found it hilarious when I couldn’t follow his lead. Then he looks up the word “trébuchet.”

Trébuchet is a siege engine from the middle ages. Imagine a catapult on wheels. Ah there is a spot in Milly’s realm for a trebuchet…just outside the south castle wall…That’s the font I must use Trebuchet MS for my Re-zoom-may!

Just another day in Milly’s Realm, Yes the full moon reigns today. Howl if you must! Just enjoy!


P.S. Yes the résumé has been updated (in Trebuchet MS! No less would do!) and opportunity waits.

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