2017 The Year of Getting It Done

Sometimes The Star is a Big One!

I don’t know about you but my years seem to have themes. It’s something like in Ecclesiastes, chapter 3. Last year I knew right away it was a year to prepare, as in “a time to plant” Eccl. 3:2 NAB. Other years I don’t figure out the theme until the year is over. And some years, like 2017, I’m a little slow on the uptake. But, I think I figured it out this morning. I’m feeling “The Year of Getting It Done.” It’s the other side of the phrase Eccl. 3:2: “a time to uproot the plant

I figure planting is preparing for harvest. And plucking the plant is harvesting. The work part (said in a whisper). For me this season actually started the week of Thanksgiving. Things started to fall into place. All the preparation began growing into tangible projects. We started bumping into things needing attention to keep moving us forward. I’m surprised by how well it has all has flowed. We’ve taken care of jobs, cars, holidays, family, our beloved Jo, and our health.

This summer a good friend said to me, “Follow The Star and keep your eye on Him.” The other visual this friend gave me, was being on a ship in a storm, keeping my hand on the wheel and never taking my eye off The Star.

I put this into practice last year during the season to prepare. Now in the season of getting it done, I have a habit of looking to The Star first to get my bearings. You know what’s amazing? I stay so much calmer in my soul. I am more accepting of the changes in plans, and the tasks themselves. They no longer feel like obstacles in my way. I accept them as steps to get to where I want to be.

The peace is the most amazing part of it. I now know without a doubt he holds me in his hand and he will not let me go. Even when I push him away like a toddler determined to run before walking. He still doesn’t let go of the spirit connection to me on my journey.

It took me almost fifty years to learn to trust my Savior like this. It is awesome to know that he has my back. Whether I succeed or fail. I have his unconditional love and support. As I thought about this, I felt a bit sad that it took me so long to understand and trust Him. Obviously my trust has been broken many times in those years. Not by God but, by imperfect souls like myself.

Then I thought. If I had not struggled through the years (seasons) of love, brokenness, happiness, physical pain, health, death/loss, heartache, laughter, wealth, poverty…I would not be where I am today. I would probably not follow The Star. I probably would not trust My God this way. I might not even know My God (perish that thought!). That would truly be a sad place for me and I just might not know why.

So here I am in a season to uproot the plant. Viola the Year of Getting It Done! I am savoring this season. Change is afoot and I am well on my way to getting the work done for more adventures ahead. All of while I have my eye on The Star.

This weekend I have a few big things to get done: The Kitchen Reno; Tree Removal (maybe…It’s a big tree!); Rewrite the last chapter in the book (eek! the epilogue is tedious! Needs a redo!); and post a blog entry. All this along with several minor tasks swirling around like say…the budget and taxes! Fun!

Maybe I’ll be able to take a rest on Thanksgiving weekend 2017…Maybe I’d better plan a dream trip instead (shush, don’t tell anyone).

For every man, moreover, to eat and drink and enjoy the fruit of all his labor is a gift of God.

Eccl 3:13 NAB

Keep your eye on The Star.


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