Traveling Outside the Box

Rainy Spring Morning on the New River

My box is my home, work, and the area in which I live. For the most part, it’s warm, cozy and comfortable in my box. I have lived and worked in this area for most of my life. As you know my dreams take me outside this cozy known area into other parts of the world. This means I must literally travel outside my comfort zones. Continue reading “Traveling Outside the Box”

Fear Not…Be Not Afraid…

outoftheblueThe Bible discusses fear a lot! These phrases have been quoted to me throughout my life. Probably because I’ve always had a problem with fear. To the point where I tried to ignore fear and those passages for decades. At times I’ve tried to understand fear and implement the biblical insights concerning it. My understanding usually failed in my very human ways. Continue reading “Fear Not…Be Not Afraid…”

Living in the Definition of Insanity

Sometimes a little too fast!

Sometimes, I live in the definition of insanity. I deny it but…it is true. I caught myself a couple of times this week…okay I’ll admit it, more than a couple of times…. I do something out of habit then, find myself disappointed again when it doesn’t work…AGAIN! You’d think I’d learn! Continue reading “Living in the Definition of Insanity”