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Do you ever think about what makes you giggle about yourself? What amuses you about…well…you? I didn’t think about it either until yesterday. So what about Milly makes Milly giggle…I wonder…


I started this post yesterday. I was feeling pretty good for the first time in a couple of weeks. Spring is the worst in Florida. The pollen pumps go into overdrive. So, I was feeling better and of course in over my head with to-dos and didn’t know it until…I hit the wall about five in the evening. Oh dear me, the pain hit full force. I was sitting on the couch with a heated rice sock on my neck. I needed to laugh. So I started looking at me. Since I was pretty much on my own and couldn’t move for a while I started a list.

I decided I need to laugh! Daily! Life is way too serious. I pray God gave us that sense of humor to use it. So in need of some funny… I started thinking about what I find funny about myself. Hence I have for you…

Seven things that make me laugh at me:

  1. When my coffee gets cold I put ice in it. Voila! Iced Coffee! That’s what iced coffee is right? Cold coffee?
  2. I prefer big mugs! You know the 20 ouncers. I like to make the drink once and sip it for a few hours. This is why the coffee  or tea gets cold. Thereby, becoming iced coffee or tea.
  3. When I let loose a stream of curse words around people who don’t know me. The way they look at me! Apparently, as I have been told, I don’t look like someone who would even know those words. Its Milly’s façade that makes me giggle. I am not as innocent as I look or act…
  4. I like to do things in odd numbers. One chocolate or three? Great little quirk when you’re watching the sugar. Make the one chocolate square last because three is too many!
  5. I have a book fetish. I could live in a library if left to my own devices. I have books stashed everywhere.
  6. I’m fascinated with tiny houses. This scares my dear Husband. Shh! Don’t tell him but, I don’t want to live in a tiny house either {wink}. I love my books too much!
  7. I partake in extreme multi-tasking. It really should be an Olympic sport. Today I am refinishing a table top, cleaning concrete dust out of the kitchen cabinets, writing, playing a solitaire event on my tablet, and…Oh yeah! Laundry! It’s a race to see how all these projects will come together at the end of the day. Whew no wonder I’m tired at bedtime. Oh! Better hit save.

And number seven is why I am recuperating today from doing the weekend warrior woman Saturday thing. Oh yeah and I had to add cleaning out under the sink because…get this…I had a plumbing leak. {sigh} Just when I thought the Kitchen was done except for the clean-up! Hurray! Most of it got done with a little bit of overlap into Sunday. {wink} I am roaring into Monday!

Let me know what you find funny too! Enjoy yourselves (both literally and figuratively!)

Milly {hee hee}

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