Family Funny

So, I’m relating a funny from work to the eldest Prince. Here’s the back story:

I was telling a friend about the family reaction to my husband’s surgery. My husband is Polish/Irish and the surgery was on St. Patrick’s Day. I am telling my friend about how the family is sending messages about how “lucky” St. Patrick’s Day will be for his surgery.

Well it niggled at me, five years before, his heart attack was on March 16th and he was also in the ICU that St. Patrick’s Day. So I send out a message to the family something to the effect of: This branch of the family is giving up on St. Patty’s Day and going with the strapping Polish side.

My friend ponders this and then says, Polish? Irish? Isn’t that like…Dumb Luck?

I cracked up. Now the family loves Polish and Irish jokes. They love to collect them. So I just had to share.

Back to the eldest Prince, after hearing the story, he looks at me for a beat then starts laughing so hard, tears are leaking from his eyes (just a little). My husband who is working on the computer is chuckling.

When said Prince composes himself and says, “That explains so much,” which cracks me and dear husband up.

Then the Prince ponders. I watch him; I just know he has more…

“You know there’s Swedish on your side (my father is a Swede)…That makes it Stubborn Dumb Luck.”

That does explain so much about my Prince…

Enjoy your own Lucky-Style


P.S. Yes things are coming together here in Milly’s Realm. Which is way I haven’t been posting. The husband’s surgery went well. My life over the last two weeks has been topsy turvy since we found out the test results. He has one carotid artery clear and we will get the other one done in several weeks.

God was at work here too. The doctor ordered the test with no obvious (at least not to us) symptoms. When the surgeon asked if we wanted to wait to have the surgery. “No!” popped out of my mouth almost immediately. He was as surprised as I. I feel it was the Holy Spirit popped that word in my mouth. Sometimes the answer truly is “No.” I was thinking; I want blood to go to my husband’s brain! I didn’t say that though.

My patient man was undergoing surgery within four days. Turns out his artery was worse than showed on the imagining. He was almost 100% blocked. I have to Praise God Almighty for watching out for us and getting us the help we needed before we even figured out the need. Love and Peace!

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