The God of Second Chances

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The Divine Mercy of Jesus

I was home for Divine Mercy Sunday this year. I thought I would get to Church on this day. I had such high hopes. I had been doing well in 2017. I only missed a few Sundays. God seemed to be helping me get back to regular attendance. Then I woke up Sunday morning…


I rolled out of bed in severe pain. “What happened” I mumbled. I had some trouble falling asleep but, still slept a solid eight hours. I stumbled to the bathroom taking stock. Headache of migraine proportions brewing with solid throbbing. Check! I still have time to make it to the 7:30 mass. I thought. Joint pain. Check! Sinus pain, Check! I began brushing my teeth. Then I heard it: The crash of thunder.

The rain began beating on the bathroom window. Still brushing my teeth, I walked into the living room and peeked out the window. Uh Oh. I knew we were supposed to have rain. But this was a storm of tropical proportions. Black clouds filled the sky pouring rain onto my front yard. Wind whipped the trees. I watched as the water in the swale inched to the edge of the road. I wondered if the road would flood.

I so wanted to go to church. No. whispered in my mind. Along with, Find Coffee! Now! I wondered if that was all me or was I hearing a God nudge. I got my mug of coffee and sat on the couch (Yes after finishing my teeth). I looked up the weather online. Oh My! It was a tropical system moving up from the Florida Straits and a cold front moving down the state. This is the worst possible scenario for me physically and I hurt. I knew then this would be a long day and I needed to take care of myself.

I really wanted to be in church so I asked God. Do I go? Do I risk the weather? Do I expend my precious energy? Do I push through and go?…No answer. Well, I decided I needed to pray. I paced the living room while I prayed a decade of the rosary. “Our Father Who art in heaven”…A quiet whisper, No…”Hail Mary”…another No…”Glory Be to the Father”…No…”Oh My Jesus”…No, No, No…”Okay I got it.”

I had a choice. I could go back to bed and stay under the covers or I could join the Mass on TV. I decided to turn on the Mass. The Gospel on Divine Mercy Sunday was about Thomas and his need to see Jesus and touch the nail holes in Jesus’s hands. The priest, who said the mass for us homebound, said something about God is always willing to give us second chances. He explained how Jesus gave Thomas a big second chance. Jesus could have left Thomas behind. He still had ten apostles. But, He did not. He gave Thomas what Thomas needed.

As the storm raged outside, I thought, He could have left me behind. He did not. He kept the power and cable on so I could get the message. He had to convince me to stay and not distract and exhaust myself. But he gave me a second chance to sit in his presence and listen. I had taken the chance. I opened my heart and found the God of second chances. He is the God of all the chances.

I could have given up and said “It’s too hard.” I am blessed I did not. As long as we do not harden our hearts and we keep adjusting our path towards him. Keeping our eye on the star…He is faithful to forgive and give us another chance to follow him.

Love and prayers


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