Happy 1st Anniversary to Milly! Me!

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Growth Requires Struggle

It’s been a year, today, since I set up Milly Really. I wasn’t sure I could do it for a month, let alone, a year. I stepped out in faith and unleashed Milly to the digital world. Woo Hoo! I did it! Happy Dance!

I have learned so much. My blog and I have changed. I have not changed my core values and beliefs. I have grown. What is really fabulous (such an 80s word don’t-cha-know (said as all one word)) 😉  is my blog has grown along with me.

I started by exploring my world and testing some limits with some hopefully funny stories thrown in. I developed a habit of writing on a sort of schedule. I began to look inward to see where I needed to tweak myself to find out how to get where I am going. I grew in understanding myself but, my walk with the Lord became so close it overflowed into my life and my blog. This is very special to me. I will continue this walk.

The actual things I want to do and learn are coming slower than I want. As usual my ‘Type A’ side is on a self-imposed schedule. God is not on my schedule. I am learning to be quiet while I seek His Face. I now see His work in my life much more quickly and clearly than I have ever seen it before. It is amazing all the little ways He touches my day. I am amazed I never saw it before.

So my blog has become a spiritual journey for me this past year. I’m sure it will continue to be a faith walk in the future. I hope it will continue to change along with me. I still want to write about adventures and fun stuff. Hah! I caught myself, I was going to say “unfortunately” but, that is the wrong word. Dang nab it the English language!

FORTUNATELY, my path over the last six months has not been easy or even fun. I say fortunately because this path, as crazy as it has been, has forced me to walk closer to my Lord. I would not have grown so much without the surgeries, car failure, the loss of my Jo, chronic pain, and all the other obstacles thrown in my path.

Right now we are facing financial stuff, others needing support, and regaining health. My princes are stepping up to take over their lives and help with the bills. It makes a mom so proud and honestly relieved. It’s a strange feeling to have my sons step in to help me. I can lean on them now and be a different mom. The roles and phases are shifting. Without the Lord, my family and friends to lean on I would not be able to stand on the shifting sands of my life. I am learning to lean on others’ strengths instead of my own. Oh how I want to ‘stand on my own two feet.’ It is not to be. I must gratefully accept the strength of my family, friends, and most of all my Savior.

I still look forward in anticipation of a new phase in my life. I still want to record my adventures. I want to inspire others to follow their goals and dreams deep in their hearts. Mostly I want to follow God to achieve my dreams.

Find your delight in the Lord who will give you your heart’s desire. Psalm 37:4 NAB

This year I have found delight in the Lord. What’s ahead for Milly and the my blog this year? I have no clue…Hold on where heading for life today!

Love Ya’ll!


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