This how my Post started: Old School!

Tears of sorrow are what I think of first. But there are many other kinds of tears. Tears can be happiness, sadness, joy, frustration, relief, despair, gratitude, panic, peace, confusion, jealousy…I have felt all of these tears over the last year. I cried on Monday. These tears were none of those listed. I can say I never felt anything like these tears. So what are the tears I shed on Monday?


Monday I read a post by BeautyBeyondBones called “Guarding My Heart Redefined.” [https://beautybeyondbones.com/2017/06/19/guarding-my-heart-redefined/] I noticed tears sprang up in my eyes as I came to the end of Caralyn’s post. I began to think about my reaction. I asked myself “what kind of tears are these?”

I’m not joyful. I’m not sorrowful. I am touched. I am inspired. I asked, “How do I describe this?” Only one word came to mind: Beautiful. Her description of giving her heart to Jesus to guard her heart was in a word, beautiful.

My mind’s eye filled with the image of Jesus’s Hands guarding our hearts. The image was overwhelming. The Carpenter’s pierced Hands guarding, holding, and healing our hearts. This is what brought tears of beauty to my eyes.

You may not see the same image that I see in the words. But, isn’t that what art is all about? Everyone sees something a little different. That’s okay with me. This is what I found on Monday. I now understand when someone says a piece of art brought tears to their eyes. This has not happened to me before. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I like art. I am amazed by an artist’s talent to create and express in images. However, I am not an “artsy” person. I am a person who loves words. I am inspired by words.

It is said the angels collect our tears. I feel a special angel collects mine. Many of my tears over the last year have been full of pain and sorrow with some happiness and joy mixed in. I wonder if the types of tears are placed in different containers. I want the buckets labeled pain, suffering, anger… thrown out with the bath water. But I did work for those tears. They’ve got to be worth something. Maybe just maybe, they could be shoved back in a corner of the shed to use when I need empathy or compassion for another hurting soul.

I want the tears of beauty, peace, joy, gratitude, and all that is beautiful be placed in exquisite vessels to enjoy in the years to come. Breathe the sweet exhilaration of Joy when my sons were born. Or feel the wash of gratitude in realizing my Savior has given His life to save my soul. Those are the tears I want to keep in my soul.

Rarely does an image move me like this. The image created by Caralyn’s words was overpowering in its beauty to me. It made me realize through all my hurts, joys, pain, happiness and tears, Jesus has my back and He guards my heart if I will allow Him in.

This was not the post I had planned for today. “Tiny” will have to wait for another day. When inspiration strikes I have to share. I am grateful to Caralyn for opening her heart to share this insight. I am grateful to Jesus for accepting my battered heart into his scarred hands to bring me through another day.

May you also find tears of Beauty and Joy and Happiness in the Blessed World around you. Love.


Check out Caralyn’s Blog BeautyBeyondBones at: www.beautybeyondbones.com

One thought on “Tears

  1. This blog was extremely touching. It took me to a place I had not been before. Thanks Milly for the insight I’ll be thinking about tears today in a good way!

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