Challenge! Milly!

I’m sitting here in my writing corner, itching to write. My fingers literally tingle. I haven’t written anything in five days. I’m antsy and just a little (okay maybe a lot) frenetic with creative energy. I have not worked on any stories or posts. I miss writing. I crave it…

Milly’s Corner


I challenged myself. I said to myself (yes I talk to myself), “Milly its 8:24 pm, can you write and post by 9:30 pm?” Which by the way is my actual bedtime, and I almost never get there in time! I threw the proverbial gauntlet in my own face. I picked up my conscience’s gauntlet and took the challenge. “Let’s Go!” I cried! {shrug} It was better than wandering about my castle bemoaning the fact that I’m not writing.

My conscience asked “Why aren’t you writing?”

I started out fairly well by proudly listing what had to be done this week. “I had all those errands, got the phone fixed, spent time with the princes and princess, works’ been busy with new projects, I had pain issues, sleep issues, I’m tired. I have chores. I’ve done some shopping…” Starting to sound like a list of excuses. Yikes!

“Shopping? Really Milly? That’s why you’re not writing?”

“Well, youngest prince needed a new computer and phone…He paid for them…” sounded weak in my own mind.

“You did it because you could get the best deal and you love the hunt.”

“Well yeah…I got groceries and household stuff too. Went to the post office…”

“What else?”


“How many?”

I look at my bare feet under the desk…I whisper “four pairs.” Then I straighten, “I needed them for my back.”

“Then my conscience asks…”Did you need four pair this week?”


“What was that?”

“They were a really good deal Milly! Three of them would have been one full priced pair!” I whine.

“I’m sure they were. But how many hours did you spend shopping for them?”

“…About six, I guess…”

“How many posts could you write in six hours?”

Dang conscience!

“I heard that thought. Well?”


The point is getting the priorities straightened out. I know where my conscience is going. As of late my priorities have gotten, let’s say, a little skewed. If I really want to write I will need to put my cute behind in my favorite wooden chair (gifted to me by a queen of the realm) and write.

I am much calmer and I sleep better after I write. You would think I would learn to push the busyness away. Then, get the story out of my system. I do love creating sandcastles in my mind. But it’s so much better when the words are strung together.

Pirate Heart

Good night and sweet dreams. I know I’ll sleep better now that my fingers touched the keyboard and stopped itching.

Love Milly

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

Matthew 11:28

P.S. I posted about 9:45 pm EST. Not too shabby my dears! {wink and yawn}

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