Hurricane Humor

Well, I live in Florida and we are living the tropical weather summertime dream: Hot, humid, and what the weather peeps call a MONSTER STORM! So life’s been a bit serious lately…Time for a bit-o-fun.

Yesterday I was feeling a bit down from the hurricane prep activities. We cut our office/guest room project short, and started prepping on Sunday with plans, store runs, and repairs. So today I just needed to leak out some of the pressure building under my cap. My choices are to laugh or cry. I choose to laugh out loud today. I’m letting you in on my personal form of crazy.

What’s funny about hurricane threats you ask? Not much, but this is what tickled my funny bone today. Driving to work at 6:30 am this morning I was watching the crazed full-moon, sleep-lacking, prepping Floridians weave (quite literally) their way down the road. I start thinking about types of Floridian responses to hurricanes. I start formulating a blog in my head for later in the week. Here’s a hint: Floridians respond to hurricane prep on a range from Full-on Panic to Totally Clueless. I started to smile.

Listening to the radio, the DJ announced water deliveries today. Ah that explains why the parking lots are full this early. I smiled again. I’m thinking…Does anyone fill containers from the tap anymore? I’m planning to spend Friday filling every container in kitchen, except the pots and pans, with water.

Really Milly? Are you that old-fashioned? Oh! Yeah I am! I want affordable water with a little chlorine so it doesn’t turn green in the heat when the power goes out. Remember it’s still summer here. At the very least I can dump it on my head without feeling guilty ;).

As I maneuvered my way to work, I stop at a red light and look down. I am still wearing my red and white checked gingham apron. See I wore the apron over my navy dress while I was putting beef stew in the crock pot (yes I am a messy cook. shh!). I laughed at myself as I took the apron off and threw it in the back seat. I ‘m hoping the persons in the cars next to me didn’t see me! {blush} At work, I started handling my deadlines. I know at some point I’ll be called into storm duty. Better get ahead while I can!

Once I got home after driving with evacuees on the interstate, dear husband and I saw a weather headline: “Irma ravaging the Caribbean” Does this just sound wrong? It does to me. Is she a pirate? Is she a pirate queen? Hmmm….okay yes my imagination has taken off again. I am that punchy.

Then, I’m explaining the A B C ratings for employees in the agency’s SOP for emergency response to my husband. I had been listed as an “A.” Meaning I needed to be available for the storm onslaught and/or recovery. I found out today I was downgraded to a “B” which means I come in to help after the storm. I’m telling my husband that I texted a friend who was out of the office: “Oh and I’m a B-rated employee now Woohoo!.” He quips “Oh my wife is a B!#@h. I give him a thumbs up “Woohoo #1 Be-otch!”

Then he quips back, “So my wife got downgraded from A$$#o!@ to B!#@h. Ahh, the wit I live with and enjoy! (Disclaimer: He usually doesn’t curse. I’m the one who has to watch my mouth. Please, understand this is all in good fun.)

Tonight we did the box store run together for just a few things. It was fun to bop around in a teasing good mood in spite of the impending danger (maybe – remember storms are fickle…)

I may be able to do a mini storm series. I’m going to see how many days I can post before the storm decides to mess with the power and internet!

I’m fortifying Milly’s Realm for the storm of a lifetime. I pray for safety in your own realms for all the storms you face. Peace!


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