Back to the Realm

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It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! On the Ceiling?

Milly’s Realm that is! I got bogged down in the post I’d planned and it just wasn’t meshing right. I think God is trying to teach me something and like a stubborn student, I didn’t get  it yet. Ah self-imposed deadlines…What to do? What to do?Aha! I realized I haven’t done an update on Milly’s Realm in a while. Several weeks ago I mentioned the Eldest Prince announced he had “effectively moved out. Whatever that means…hmmm…with synonyms…maybe he’s “Excellently motivated on show or on sale,”  or how about “Successfully stirred obtainable” Just a little fun with words.

I had planned to have him packed up and the room converted to an office/guest room in a month. As they say the best laid plans… I think is was high on one too many home renovation/building shows. If they can build an entire tiny house in a week, I can complete one room in a month! Right? With my crew (two princes and a husband) we can do anything! Right?

That would be a big fat WRONG! All caps! I didn’t count on Aunt Irma and Uncle Murphy arriving in rapid succession. And it was a renovation in a house we are currently living in. Have you ever noticed how on the renovation shows, they kick the owners out of the house? There’s a reason for that. And I’m not talkin’ about the “surprise” factor. So trying to live our “normal” lives (air quotes with my fingers here), while we did a “minor” renovation (more sarcastic air quotes). We had delay after delay just scheduling the work.

20170924_205424 (2)
Oh My Milly! You gots a lot of work to do!

One weekend we get in there and start packing stuff, throwing stuff out, and clearing the room. Regular Weekend Warrior stuff! Grrr. Don’t you just know it. Here come’s Uncle Murphy! The small refrigerator in the room was working, humming away. Then we unplugged it and went to move it! Wouldn’t you know it. It had leaked all over the laminate floors which sucked up the moisture with gusto! We came to a grinding halt when we realized the floor needed to be taken up.

We’re also in Florida so it’s a guarantee there is mold under the flooring. The first order of business was to get the fridge and as much of the trash out as possible. Then I bleached the floors to kill as much mold as I possibly could. Within 10 days Aunt Irma was threatening our doorstep. Now the room was needed for storage, storm supplies, and serving as a sleeping area for dad. On top of that remember this was a teen boy’s room too. A bunch of his stuff is still in there.

20170924_205508 (2)
Hurricane Supplies

Yes that is a chain saw. We protect our tools in a storm situation! It’s in a place of honor on top because it is one of the first tools we need if the storm is really bad. Hurricanes are all about preparing for the “what ifs” in life. Oh! and the camp stove is in the wooden footlocker! We are prepared!

As you can see the room has been tossed every which way but Sunday. My new brave goal is declutter the room and get the floor out by the end of October. It would be really great to have the office moved in by Christmas. I can dream can’t I?

That’s my challenge and I’m…um…er…sticking with it! Have a great and brave new week!



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