True Floridians & Florida Natives

SE Florida Beach Sunrise through the Sea Grape Trees – February 2017

Did you know there was a difference? Florida is a unique microcosm of flora, fauna, and humans. There are lots of types of Floridians. I’m just thinking of two types today: Florida Natives (Natives) are those of us who are born and raised here. Then there are the True Floridians (Trues).

Now don’t get me wrong Natives can be Trues but a True is not always a Native. I am a Florida Native and proud of it! But, I am not a True Floridian. I’m okay with that. My youngest prince is like me. And my eldest prince is a Native and a True. He never wants to move out of Florida. My husband is a different breed. He’s what I call a naturalized Floridian. He moved here with his parents when he was three (he didn’t have much of a choice {wink}). But, he’s the type that’s happy living pretty much anywhere.

Here’s how you can tell, yesterday a cold front pushed through South Florida. At least a cold front by South Florida standards, it was in the 70s all day! For me, a Native, it was heavenly. I wore short sleeves and breathed in the clear muggy cool air (yes, cool air can be muggy – check out a good drizzle on a cool day in Florida – like say yesterday morning).

For my True peeps the first giveaway was the sweaters and jackets. Then the complaints started:”It’s too cold!” “…too early for a front.” My friends come from all over, some from the South, Northeast, Middle America, West, across the pond or many ponds, and yes from Florida. Many of my circle have become Trues. Trues can come from anywhere in the world. The difference is Trues have become truly acclimated to Florida’s climate.

The Trues absolutely love Florida. They sit in outside cafes, run marathons, and even work in the unrelenting humidity, hot breezes and yes, sunshine. Miserable for me but they love it! Even my dad loves it (Hint: He is a True from New Jersey!). He keeps his A/C at 82 degrees! Yikes! The Trues hate it when the temperature drops below 75! I admire their resilience in the face of Florida’s extremes and the love they have for this beautiful, mixed-everything State.

But yesterday, I came home to open windows for the first time since the power went out for Hurricane Irma. And that was only for 22 hours. Then the house was sealed up tight as it had been since February. Ahh fresh air is a wonderful treat for a Native that’s not a True.

I am a Native and remember I am the Mountain Girl Living in a Beach Town. Please understand God makes no mistakes. I was born a Native for a reason. What I have recently learned about myself is: If I’d been born in a mountain town, the mountains would not be the balm to my soul they are today. I would not appreciate my muse in the mountains, nor would I try to reach for new dreams.

Sunset Overlook on Mount Jefferson, NC – October 2016

There is a reason for everything under God. I do not regret staying here for my family, career, and the home I built. Those are all dreams I have worked for and reached. But like a Native that is not a True, I will follow my wanderlust to more dreams and enjoy the coolness in the breeze while it lasts…

Be true to your heart and dreams. Love,


Disclaimer: Trues and Natives are my slang terms for the way I see life in South Florida. There is nothing “official” in this post, including the terms. My tongue is held firmly in cheek. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing my observations.

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