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Today’s the day. November 1st. I started writing in the National Novel Writing Month challenge. I’m going to learn something in this marathon affectionately called NaNoWriMo.I may only learn that I’m crazy. However, since Thanksgiving 2016 to present day has been a crazy year. It seemed fitting to end this year with my own challenge. What I really want to learn and do is:

  • Identify my strengths and weaknesses as a writer
  • Get the book off to a good start

NaNo-2017-Participant-BadgeThese are my goals as I start. Anything above that will be gravy! Yum! I’m taking you along for the ride. While I decided to share my journey here, I also hope to bring out some post writings I started but have not completed. I hope you will enjoy them too.

As I’ve mentioned I have a lot in my head. I jot down ideas as I go. I see some writers call them prompts. I just think of them as musings and I got distracted by something else to write about. Ah shiny object over there…

When I started blogging I thought I might run out of ideas and thoughts to write about. But think about what is most of life about. Most of our waking hours are routine. Most days: I get up, get dressed, do some chores, go to work, run errands, make dinner, do chores, and go to bed. I also squeeze in friends, family, writing, doctors, exercise, and play. Whew. Not much time for my imagination. No wonder I thought I might run out of material.

BUT…over the last few years my imagination has been unleashed. Including this new book idea; I have finished one book, started three books, and have scribbled nine ideas that could be books. I have lists of titles to spark my imagination and about fifty blog post ideas.

Now not all will come about. I know that. What I have learned is with this fantastic thing God gave me, we humans call it imagination, and some mental exercise…the ideas and inspirations keep coming.

Some of my ideas need to be scribbled down then left to sit like a fine wine or rising dough. Always in the background growing and developing into what it needs to be for me to express the idea.

Photo by Sandra Wattad on Unsplash

Other ideas are fresh like biting into a piece of perfectly ripe fruit. It’s crisp and refreshing. To enjoy it fully I need to savor it before it turns. I have to get out and enjoy the writing NOW! This is what this novel feels like to me. It needs to get out of my head and onto the page. So far I have a title, premise, and loose outline. Here we go:


A Nightmare Fantasy

By Milly Moss

Chapter 1

Let’s GO! My inner cheerleader shouts!

What are you kick-starting today! Woo Hoo!


P.S: Yes, I did find out I can announce and write about NaNoWriMo in my blog. Yay! You are riding along with my adventure.

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