Falling Forward

Do Ya See It! The Leaves are Falling!

I learned a little God lesson this morning, as I was rushing out the door to church. Literally it was as I was going out the door.

I started this morning a little off kilter. Changing the time has thrown me for as long as I can remember. I have the hardest time remembering the rhyme I “learned” as a child. “Spring Forward, Fall Back.” Or is it…”Spring Back, Fall Forward?” Both make sense to me. I have a 50/50 chance during each time change of getting the rhyme right or as this morning proved, WRONG!

I remembered I needed to change the clocks after I was drifting into La-La Land. So I got up and changed the clock to 11 p.m. Then I shut the alarm off and prayed I would get up in time. Of course when I  woke the clock read 8 a.m. My first thought was, I guess I’m not going to Mass this morning. The nine hours of sleep felt good. I trotted into the kitchen for coffee and turned on the computer.

The time on my computer read 6 a.m. Now I was confused. Did my computer not update? All the manual clocks read 8 a.m. I fired up the ol’ smart phone. It read 6 a.m. Wow, I had time for breakfast and church.

While eating my breakfast I worked on my planned blog post, not this one. I got wrapped up into my observations of the 70s, 80s, and cars. Which of course made me a little late in leaving for church. By the grace of the Holy Spirit, I was dressed and ready to go. I grabbed my keys and purse, shut out the light, and turned the lock on the deadbolt. The door didn’t open.” What?!” I tried it again. No dice.

I had two competing thoughts; it’s a sign I’m shouldn’t go to church this morning. I can finish the blog and get back to writing Prankster. Then, a small quiet thought filtered through the excitement of writing; it’s a small obstacle to keep you from going to be with Him, my Star. Hmmm. I put down my bag, rubbed my hands, and tried to work the lock again. The lock didn’t open. Yay! I’m staying home. Yes, I am such a senior citizen brat sometimes. Try again. You have to get through the door sometime today, filtered through my brain.

I worked the lock back and forth a little at a time. It gave a slight creak then the lock slid open with a small groan. I’m free! I grabbed my purse, shut of the light and was out the door. With some trepidation, I locked the door with my key. It gave another little creak and I realized I need to find my can of WD40 when I got home.

I was a little late for Mass and had missed the first reading. I settled myself during the responsorial psalm. After the second reading, as we sang the Alleluia, I quickly read the first reading to prepare myself for the Gospel. During the Gospel and the homily I felt my shoulders drop. The comfort of the Holy Spirit began to wash over me. This is where I was meant to be this morning. I was blessed.

So what was my little lesson? During the homily, I reminded myself, not every voice in my head is a nudge from God. But sometimes, like this morning, I have trouble discerning where God is leading and what my own selfish self is wanting. If God really was protecting me or my health, like I have asked him to do, I wouldn’t have gotten to Church. I would have dismantled the lock and been too late to go, I could have had a migraine, or my car wouldn’t have started…there are lots of ways God’s angels could have stopped me. I’ve opened myself to his presence and protection and in the recent past He has made himself clear when needed.

The lesson I learned today was to set aside my stubbornness and selfishness, listen to the inner voices, and make a decision. Then follow through to the conclusion. By following the “bread crumbs.” I enjoyed my Lord and Church this morning. I found inspiration for this post. I will share with friends and write today. I also found out my door locks need a little TLC before they really do freeze up! We’ll be fixing that today!

Have a Blessed Sunday my friends,


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