Trumping Mom

Photo by Jack Hamilton on Unsplash

Now don’t get all excited except, if it’s about Princes of the Realm. This has nothing to do with the name Trump. It has everything to do with the actual verb “trump…”Encarta Dictionary defines the verb trump as (trumped, trumping, trumps):

  • Defeat somebody by playing trump: in card games, to beat an opponent or an opponent’s card by playing a trump
  • Outdo somebody: to defeat or outdo a competitor by bringing a valuable resource or advantage into play

On Friday the youngest Prince comes home from his job early. I was home early for a doctor’s appointment. I ask him if he wants to join us for a late lunch. He agrees. On the way to a local burger restaurant he fills us in on his day. He has been laid off. I was not terribly surprised. It’s part of the construction world. The condominium he was working on is getting close to completion on the infrastructure and the holidays are starting up.

Well of course, I go into mom mode. I start telling him to call the union when we get home, and inform them of the developments and help with…

Youngest Prince holds up his hands “Whoa, Whoa, Whoa mom.” He knows me so well. It takes three ‘whoas’ to stop a mom rant.

“What?” I ask.

“I’ve already been to the Union Hall, talked to them,  and put my name at the top of the list to be available for hire.”

My first reaction was a stunned “Wha…” then a “Whoop! that is so awesome! My son is growing up and can take care of himself!”

He chuckled then says “Mom that just doesn’t sound right but, it is what you wanted me to do. Right?”

He is absolutely right! The youngest Prince trumped Mom by “out doing” Milly Me! I am so proud of him! (wiping a tiny tear from my eye).

For my scouting friends: The Eagles are flying! I’m watching mine soar!

Now for a NaNoWriMo update: Yesterday I wrote the most words in one day I have ever written: 4,626 words! It was awesome! I hope to break 5,000 words in one day next weekend. Let’s pray for fewer distractions please!

Right now…this minute, Prankster is 22,704 words and 49 pages (8.5″ x 11″) with 12 pt font. I’m on chapter five.

The other milestone I reached was the book started writing itself yesterday. It is the coolest feeling the moment the characters start expressing themselves. The story begins to unfold. The Prankster (antagonist) has not shown itself fully yet. I still don’t know yet if the Prankster is male or female or maybe a dog. Though I do think the Prankster needs opposable thumbs… However, the twisted need for power and control is very strong.

Cora and Gable (Gabe) my protagonists are revealing their personalities and I found out yesterday they are Christians. Gabe is a church going believer and Cora is a backsliding believer.

I thought this would be straight romantic suspense novella but, I may be wrong about that. I don’t understand how this part of the writing process works but I must say it fascinates me.  Let’s see how the story develops further.

Keep working towards those dreams! I’m going back to the writing challenge!


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