Mercy Me!

Photo by Pro Church Media on Unsplash

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all! 

I was going to only send the simple wish above with an update on my writing challenge word count (29,152 words (not so great so far 😦 )). However, Mercy is the WordPress daily prompt I saw this morning (I think it’s yesterdays’ prompt but I’m going with it anyway 🙂 ). I found I couldn’t resist this challenge. My life seems to be filled with challenges since November started. So I asked myself, “Why not?” Especially since mercy is something that means a lot to me. O! mercy Me! Here we go again!

Mercy: Compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is within ones’ power to punish or harm.[Oxford Dictionaries via Bing]

Mercy Me!: used in expressions of surprise or fear. [Oxford Dictionaries via Bing]

When I saw this challenge I realized I am grateful for the Mercy that surrounds me this Thanksgiving day.  I am grateful for the Most High God who has shown me mercy my entire life. I am grateful for the Holly Trinity which fulfills God’s Mercy.

How? You may ask: Just how do you see mercy when you struggle with your life. You are in pain, and others abuse you. How is there mercy in your life? I can understand the question. I have written about all of these things. The concerns are true. I do get down and upset about the chronic pain, struggles, and the way people treat people.

I have asked God these same questions at different points in my life. Since I’m still here and was not struck dead immediately for asking the questions, is a mercy in itself. Much better than some earthly kings out there. But that is not the relationship I have with my God. He listens to my cries and my praise. Again a mercy for me.

I sense in my soul the humble loving presence of Jesus Christ, the comforting envelope of the Holy Spirit, and the loving forgiveness of God the Father. That’s my big picture. The presence of a loving God in my life. He takes three forms to provide me what I need. The biggest mercy I see today is the salvation of my soul for all eternity. The mercy He bestows on my soul. Me personally.

Where do I see mercy? In a loving and patient soul mate, my husband. My princes and princesses of the realm that support me in my pain and struggles. My family and friends both here and in the afterlife supporting me with prayers and encouragement. The inner strength the Holy Spirit instilled in me to get me through one day at a time. My home as a refuge. Air Conditioning! Yes since I’m environmentally sensitive so, climate control is a mercy! He has given me an admittedly quirky fairly positive outlook on life. The list goes on and on in my head.

The point is God knew what I would face. He knew the place, time, and people my life would need. His mercy placed me here with this family, and these friends. His mercy is not only for my soul. It is for my life here on earth. I am truly blessed.

Fairy Home by Milly Moss
Fairy Home near the Cascades on the Blue Ridge Parkway NC

Everything He does, is for us on a personal level. His mercy is different for each of us. My surprise is expressed, MERCY ME! Mercy for me. Mercy for my soul. Mercy for my life here and there with him. Mercy surrounds me. It surrounds you too. All you have to do is open your eyes to the big picture God is painting of your life. I mentioned a few of the mercies I found, just this morning, in the recesses of my life picture. Can you see the quirky little fairy hiding in the gnarled tree trunk? I can! To me she represents my optimism. You will find Mercy in the details of your picture too. Enjoy the view.

Celebrate the mercy today! Have a blessed Thanksgiving Day. Milly

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