Gettin’ Cozy

via Daily Prompt: Cozy

Iconic Cozy…Hot Cocoa Anyone?

What does Gettin’ Cozy mean to you? Is it curling up with your honey? Bundling up for a hike in the snow? How about a tank and shorts to breathe in the sea air on a windy day at the beach? Maybe a cup of coffee or is hot cocoa more your style? Hanging with your BFFs, or family? Let’s Get Cozy about it.

Yesterday I sat down to write a blog post. Ideas swirled in my head. But pardon my pun; I was at a loss for words! Even today at work, I thought about writing tonight. I had so many ideas but no desire to write them. While dinner was cooking, I decided to get some inspiration from WordPress. The Daily prompt was “Cozy.”

I’d made a leftover Christmas Hash. Yum! As I ate I thought of the word “Cozy.” I could not get the phrase “Gettin’ Cozy” out of my head. So of course I ran with it and asked myself:

Me-Self…just what does ‘Gettin’ Cozy’ mean to you?

Let’s go back. I remember this phrase among my country friends back in the seventies and eighties. We were getting’ cozy with our friends (gossiping), music (zoning), and special significant others (smooching). Yes the term “significant others” was coined somewhere in the swinging life styles of the seventies or eighties…it’s all a bit hazy at this point.

But here and now, I love all kinds of cozy. From the iconic sitting in front of the fire with a hot drink to hanging with friends. I love gettin’ cozy with my honey. Remember I have two kids! There was some cozy going on!

Another kind of cozy I love is walking with my shadow, just enjoying my surroundings. Like a breezy morning at a local park or a hike in the mountains. I even enjoy walking the parking lot maze on work breaks. The sunshine or rain feels good after hours in a hermetically sealed environment. Just to stretch limbs confined at a desk for hours is a special kind of cozy.

What about prayer? I know I feel pretty special after talking with my Savior. Whether our conversation is easy, deep, or hard; I feel loved and accepted. Yes, prayer can be uncomfortable when I disagree or don’t want to follow his way. Thinking of Jonah in the belly of the fish…But I know I am still loved and accepted. To me it’s a spiritual cozy I don’t feel within myself or with other humans.

Walking in the door of my messy little home to my family full of puzzles (aka problems to solve) feels cozy too. I’m home and I belong. There’s a lot of cozy going on! I’m relishing the cozy my life has to offer right now. Thanks WordPress for the reminder to think COZY! I’ll be keeping my eyes open to all the possibilities that soothe the soul.

Let’s get our Cozy on!


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