Accepting The Christ

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This Morning in SoFLA the Pelicans Play!

Sometimes I get gifted with multiple ideas to write about. Yesterday I had nothing for the post. Then the eldest prince came by and gave me an idea. When I went to Mass this morning, there was a new idea buried in the comfort of the service. What to do? What to choose?


Today, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this morning (rest assured, the other idea will be my next post). After Mass I sat in the pew frantically scribbling thoughts that had run through my mind. My mind would not let go of forms communion I share with my Lord.

Communion: A relationship, especially one in which something is communicated or shared [Encarta Dictionary]

I first thought of one of my favorite forms of communion with God: Prayer. It always draws us closer together. Just knowing He is there 24/7 allows me to open up whenever I need to commune with my Greatest Friend.

A decision can be a form of communion. Today in the Liturgy of the Eucharist I remembered one of those big decisions. At seven years old I accepted Jesus as my Savior. I became a born-again believer in the church I grew up in. As I followed the Liturgy I smiled, thinking of what was my first communion with my God. At the time, I didn’t even know what the word meant! I just wanted to be a part of God’s world.

Remember I’m not a theologian. My thoughts are from my heart and my relationship with Jesus Christ. To my way of thinking communion is broader than accepting the Holy Communion when offered. In communion I gratefully accept his companionship in my life.

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Found this guy hiding behind the mangroves this morning.

The Protestant faith I grew up in communion was celebrated in remembrance of the last supper and God’s ultimate sacrifice for us. As an adult I chose the Catholic faith for myself. I found communion in accepting Jesus physically in the bread and wine. I get to accept Jesus into my body and soul on a regular basis. No matter what form of communion I take I feel closer to God.

How fantastic it is to commune with the one God? It can be as simple as a seven-year old’s prayer for forgiveness and belief.  It can be grateful remembering The Christ and His gift to us. Communing with Him in daily prayer and contemplation brings peace and comfort to my soul. Personally accepting him in the Holy Communion brings me to my knees. {Behind the hand whisper: I really think that’s why the Church has kneelers. It’s not for the exercise, it’s for when the awesomeness of God’s love hits us we need a place to hit our knees!}

When I commune with God I trust him, accept him, and love him in the moment. I find my heart opens more to Jesus each time I accept him and his love.

Peace and love,


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