Florida Prince & Princess

Ice Fishing in Wisconsin

The Eldest prince stopped by this weekend to say “Hi!” He was home from his travels in the northern regions of the U.S. of A. At negative thirteen degrees, he thought he’d overshot Canada and landed in the arctic!

My Eldest Prince is also my Florida Prince. He was born here and has no desire to move. He’s the one who likes it Hot, Hot, Hot! Some days I can’t believe he has any of my gene pool in him. Since I like it Cool, Cool, Cold! While I relax in my air-conditioned world, he works partially outside and plays hard in whatever weather Florida dishes out.

He loves his native state! That said, he and the future Princess of the Realm left to visit family and friends in Wisconsin on the day after Christmas. Oh My!  During one of the coldest two-week periods some of this country has seen in years! On Christmas Eve, I said, “You might find a fantastic job up there.” When he looked at me funny, I asked a typical mom question, “Would you take the job?”

My future Princess slowly shook her head. She peeked at her Prince from under her thick lashes. The Prince shook his head so hard his dark hair went in all directions as he said vehemently, “No! They could offer a million a year for twenty hours a week and I would say no!” {Yes, we are a bit dramatic around here. That’s half the fun! Wink}

The Prince and Princess had a great vacation in Wisconsin. I think the Prince stayed inside where it was warmer for as long as he possibly could. They did manage drag him outside to go ice fishing. I wouldn’t have believed it unless I saw the pictures. Yep, their majesties were on the ice with a hole and a fishing pole. The Prince declared it was to cold to catch anything! Hmmm…I’m not sure I believe that fish tale.

He told me when they returned after ice fishing it was 13 degrees below zero. Not the wind chill! It was actually minus 13. Of course at the time, He looked up the temperature in Antarctica. That particular day the South Pole was five degrees. He told me he had announced to the group, “The baby penguins are warmer than me right now!” I’ll bet he wasn’t wearing his flip flops!

Of course I had to remind him it was summer in Antarctica right now. He just chuckled and told me it should be warmer here in Florida. Actually that particular day was a cold one for Florida with a high of 59 degrees. I thanked him for bringing the cold weather with him. With a laugh he quipped “a Winter Angel followed me down.”

I was glad my Florida Prince was home but, I just had to ask. I’d put it off long enough. I blurted, “Did you find that dream job?” He looked at me like I had a screw loose. I reminded him, “I have a long line of people, including your mother, interested in a seven-figure job.” He guffawed. Then shook his head when he could speak again, “No unfortunately, no job offers…”

It was close to 80 degrees today. I have my A/C running again much to the pleasure of the power company. I’m sure my Florida Prince and his Florida Princess are happier with the warmer weather than I am {Smile}. But wait, what do I see in the forecast? The potential for mid-60s on the weekend. Ahh…fresh air and open windows, something to look forward to…

Hope the rest of your week is grand no matter the weather!


P.S. This is what my chocolate wrapper said tonight. Just how did that get to South Florida? Do they know something I don’t? It may be an interesting winter…

Chocolate Wrapper
Say What? in SoFlo? 

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