Time to Play

On Thursday, I was reminded of the need to play. It’s been a crazy week since the car accident. Milly’s sparkle is getting a bit dull around the edges…

I think it’s time to play!

I was reading in a devotional designed to be read in the afternoon. The book is titled “Tea Time for God” by Honor Books. It’s new to me reading a devotion in the evening. I like it. I still do my morning devotions. But this brings my focus back to God after all the pressures and distractions of the day. This one encouraged me to be free and play.

The last week was a whirlwind. We’ve been dealing with the insurance and getting a new vehicle. Yes! we found a shiny “new” 2016 Grand Caravan. I’ve also been dealing with some medical stuff (routine at the moment). All the sudden it was Friday and I missed my self-imposed schedule to post on Wednesday/Thursday. I thought about skipping it altogether. But this reading kept popping into my head causing my fingers to itch for my keyboard…and not the work keyboard. I am feeling the drag of that four letter word ‘work.’

The devotion is titled “Playtime!” on page 52. It starts with:

Blessed be the Lord your God who delighted in you” I Kings 10:9 (NKJV)

When saw the title I sighed. A wistful thought ran through my head. Wouldn’t that be nice? Then the ‘buts’ started. Trying to open my closed mind, I turn back to the devotion. The devotion described how God “delights” in us. He gave us the ability to smile and laugh.

In the Gospels, I see Jesus laughing and enjoying time with the apostles and his friends. How could he not? He gave joy when he healed someone. I see him rejoicing with them. Of course he would. I don’t see an unfeeling God when he wept at Lazarus’s tomb. He raised his friend from the dead. Then there was wonder, praise for God Almighty, and joy (see John Chapter 11).

Remember God created us in his image. In Genesis 1 when God looked at his creation on the 6th day he saw that it was good. He created us and the world and it was good. How could he not smile and enjoy the sight of his creation? I enjoy my creations, whether I make something, cook, or write. It is a satisfying feeling when I finish something I created and it is good. Since I am created in God’s image, I know he feels the same way about creating you and me.

One dear friend keeps reminding me to go back and look at my blog posts. She encourages me to stop going in circles. Alas, old habits die hard. {sigh} I went back and looked at my posts on play. The last couple of weeks I’ve fallen back into some my old habits. Much of my life has become work again. I’ve lost my sense of wonder and delight in what I do day-to-day. I’m asking myself “What do I have to do today” with a resigned monotone. How did I ask this question as a mini-Milly back in the recesses of my childhood? Oh yeah…that’s right…it was a “What are we doing today!” with an enthusiastic smile!

The devotion ends asking if the Lord wants someone to who will share complete fellowship with Him. Someone who will “laugh, play, and relax” with him? My day today will be filled with catching up on regular tasks. The stuff neglected in the activity generated by the protection of my father and husband in that accident. I asked “how can I play today?”

Writing comes to mind first so I started there with this post. I remembered helping my mom with chores and enjoying the results. General weekly housework is next on the list. So when I dust and sweep I will do it with music and a flourish as I did as a child. Taxes and financials…um…I’m still working on that one in my brain but, I’ll come up with something {wink}.

bart-larue-314562 (2)
Photo by Bart LaRue on Unsplash

I’m a little rusty but let’s play today! Lets get our sparkle back!


P.S. While writing this, I had a thought about saying grace before my meals. I’ve always thought of grace as a prayer thanking God for our food, and blessing our food. Saying grace is all of that. But, what if…I expand my prayer as an invitation to break bread with my Lord like I break bread with friends and family? Something to think about…

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