The Things I Hear!

ben-white-178537-unsplash (2)
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Youngest Prince exits his room. He says “You’re lucky. I just died.”

The funny thing is, it didn’t faze me. I didn’t even think about it. I told him that I needed the Costco-sized case of water moved. He did what I asked without complaint, and went back to his room.

As he shut the door. The click of the doorknob emphasized the click in my head. What did he just say? To his mother no less? I’m lucky he died? Really?

I understand he’s gaming with his friends online but…still…that is something no mother in her right mind wants to hear about her child!

Welcome to the sandwich generation Milly! You really don’t know what you’ll hear! Let’s call this zinger the cheese in my sandwich. The part of life that adds a little zing to the sandwich. Whether it’s warm and melty, or jarring sharp (Yum Super Sharp Cheddar!), it will bring a smile to my face.

eaters-collective-172257-unsplash (2)
Photo by Eaters Collective on Unsplash

I have two slabs of thick rich bread on my generational sandwich. This is the foundation of the whole thing, my roots if you will allow. I guess that makes my foundation seeded and sprouted {giggle}. I view my long-term relationships with God, my parents, and my husband as rich bread with a healthy dose of fiber. Keeps me moving in the right direction! As we age I hear some funnies:

My Dad the octogenarian complained that the government office’s message told him he would be on hold for four minutes. He was outraged. Yes that is a number four. Dad tells me he hung up the phone. “I’m not waiting for the government! They need to answer the phone. I don’t have time to wait.” He ranted. Then he proceeds to complain how he has nothing to do. Hmmm…He has all day but can’t be on hold for 4 minutes.

I just about gave myself a hernia trying not to laugh while I finished the call. He was clearly agitated and wanted to vent. I held my chuckles back and let him get it out. But that chuckle became a full on belly laugh after the call when I realized in my generation I would love to get a four-minute wait when I’m put on hold with anybody!

Our family, church, careers, friends, hobbies are all part the sandwich too. Right in the middle defines who we are to the world. Isn’t that how a sandwich is described? By the stuff in the middle! Roast beef or turkey sandwich? Which do I choose? Today I could be the working mom, dutiful daughter, writer, or Catholic Christian. All this and more is wrapped up into the middle of my life.

Here’s a couple more gems from inside the sandwich:

While the Princes debated politics of them said: “Out of spite I’m going to join…neither side. I both agree and disagree with both sides.”

I thought to myself; A true moderate?

Heard at a work function: “If they can’t celebrate with us because of religious reasons, to hell with them! The Prince thought to himself, Oh the irony!

So the things we hear are snippets of life we capture in the moment. I am enjoying the fun, craziness, love, and laughter. Oh yeah and…the irony!

Love and fun to you today!


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