I Wonder… (Daily Prompt: Wonder)

via Daily Prompt: Wonder

My Shamrock Bloomed! Wonder in Action!

I wonder about a lot of stuff. My head buzzes with activity in my waking hours. This morning I was sitting with my coffee, waking up, and wondering what I might write about this weekend.

I find yesterday’s WordPress prompt was ‘Wonder.’ I always seem to be behind the prompts or they don’t capture my fancy that day. Well I’m running with it, The word is now in my head and I begin to wonder about wonder.

The cliché phrases are: “I wonder…(Started with this one); I wonder if…; It’s no wonder…; Is it any wonder…”

Inspirational phrases encourage us to think with a sense of wonder: “wisdom begins in wonder; never lose your sense of wonder; the wonder of it all; great signs and wonders…”

Did you know some form of the word ‘wonder’ is used in the Bible over one hundred times!  He truly is a wonderful God!

Just what does the word ‘wonder’ mean? I looked it up in the Encarta Dictionary:

  • Noun: Amazed admiration; Something marvelous;
  • Adjective: Extraordinarily good;
  • Verb: Speculate about something; Be amazed;

The synonyms in the English Thesaurus are: miracle, surprise, speculate, marvel, sensation, curiosity, phenomenon.

Amazing right? All of that wrapped up into six letters.

I ask myself, “What are my wonders today?”

Spending a few moments in my morning devotionals I bask in the wonder of the God who loves me. The individual Milly, He loves me! He counts the hairs on my head, as they continue to fall out at an alarming rate! He cares about every little aspect of my day. It is simply something marvelous to me. I am a speck of life in the universe. I have the attention of the omnipresent God of that Universe. I am in wonder!

Next, I’m in the midst of a busy weekend and coming week. Next Sunday we go back to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Hurrah! We are prepping for the trip, paperwork (all kinds), and tree trimming (it’s cool here right now. We need to take advantage!). That’s just for starters. I wonder how I’m going to get it all done.

I’m looking forward to the trip. I haven’t been to the mountains in a year. My dad is kicking up guilt and I wonder how he will handle the fact that we will be out of state for a week. Dad has refused all attempts this past year to move him to an assisted living facility.  I need the mountain air. My Lenten commitment requires I turn the care of dad over to God (with some prep work too (smile)). So no worries! God is so much more powerful than I. I wonder how God will handle it but, I trust him with my family. I am excited to take in the wonder of the Blue Ridge flora, fauna, and life!

I am in wonder over the path my life has taken me since 2011. As I have written, that is the year I decided to write the story in my head. Step by step the path has led me to discovering my dreams, blogging, transitioning my life, writing a full length novel, and becoming a writer. The wonder of dreaming is I have discovered who I am inside and how great my God is in my life. I will continue to wonder, dream and work towards the dreams. Why? Because the “Adventure within Change,” inside and out, is wonderful!

Breathe in the wonder of life.


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