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Tonight, I’m working on this post while watching Pitchapalooza on YouTube. I’m wondering if my submission for Distrupted will be one of the 20 randomly picked pitches. Then I am reminded I need to begin with – Yesterday was Wednesday.

Wednesday is important if you don’t read my adventure on a Thursday…otherwise it might not make sense. With Wednesday in mind I’m delving into the thoughts of a Prince in Milly’s Realm.

I like to dress mono-chromatically. Yesterday I decided to mix it up a bit. This weekend, while getting ready for our trip to the mountains, I was going through my winter clothes to see what I might wear. Going through my light layers I found a pair of black and white print leggings I’d never worn.

I remembered picking them up on a steal about two years ago. At the time, I wanted to see if I would step out of my monochromatic comfort zone. Well…Obviously I had not taken that step. Ever curious I decided to see if I would be okay with printed legs this week.

I have spider and varicose veins on my legs. They are not horrible but I’m little self-conscious. So I wear a lot of leggings, and  tights with boots even in the summer. I also like the looking a little taller with the longer line of solid color.

It was time to try them out! I paired the black and white leggings with a black swing dress and black boots with a faux fur ruffle in gray. It didn’t seem too jarring. I asked the youngest prince for his opinion anyway.

“I like it” he said.

“Well you know how I like to be monochromatic.” I reply

He thought about it for a moment. “Well if you do that you would look like (a pause here). Wednesday on Wednesday!”

I bust out laughing at the reference to Wednesday from the Adam’s Family TV Show. Wednesday and I have pale skin tone along with an affinity for black clothing. But that’s pretty much where the similarities end.

With a spark of mischief in his eyes, he says, “Hey I just realized its Wednesday so…I get how you could do Wednesday on Wednesday! Either way you look good.”

He’s a prince! dontcha know? {wink} As we went about our morning chores, the prince and I talked about legging fashion. He wondered how leggings came about. The way I remember it was, back in the 70s and 80s the fitness movement took hold. Leggings and bike shorts were essential items for exercise. They freed a body for movement and less chafing {chuckle}.

As the fitness movement grew from a fad to a way of life, leggings became part of everyday fashion. Now it seems the leggings are fashion statements more than anything else. I expressed my aversion to the really bright crazy prints on so many of the leggings. I said “I don’t like the psychedelic colors, I prefer something more muted.”

The prince smiles, points at my legs, and says, “Well those are muted. You know when the bright leggings are done right they are psychedelicous!” With that announcement he walks away.

This is how I started my day on Wednesday. I enjoyed wearing something a bit different. I even got a couple of complements by taking my baby step outside my comfort zone. Maybe…I’ll take another step…tomorrow.

Have a psychedelicous day!


P.S. My pitch didn’t get randomly picked. Maybe its for the best. I see some mistakes in mine. I’ll have to work on it before I pitch the book!

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