20180324_132627 (2)I am composing my post as we are heading home. We are riding with Winter Storm Uma as we head south. It was starting to snow as we left the Family Vacation Home in the North Carolina High Country at 8:30 a.m. Saturday Morning.

Dear husband is driving and I found a way to write as we ride through the rain on I-77 towards Charlotte NC. I did not have a lot of time to write this week. I spent the time observing and discovering. I took lots of pictures as we drove (When husband was at the wheel of course).

I am amazed how much I feel at home in the mountains. I feel at home in Florida too. It is where my friends and family are located. Florida is where my roots run deep. Florida is one of the biggest vacation destinations in the Country. However, when I think about vacation, the first place I think of is the mountains.

Why? I asked myself. The answer I discovered was: I have roots in the mountains too. It started when dad decided to take us to see the Great Smokey Mountains. The day after school let out for summer break we set out for adventure in Gatlinburg, TN. Our family station wagon pulled a pop-up camper. My sister and I had never been to the mountains let alone the Great Smokey Mountains! We were in awe of nature’s creation. I think somewhere between driving through a rainbow on a mountain road and snow on the last day of May at Clingman’s Dome, I fell in love.

At about nine years old, I didn’t know a lot about terrain and weather. But I knew what I loved. Ever since then I have tried to return to the mountains at every chance I could grab. Right now my Dad is not happy with my plan to move to the mountains. But I suppose I could say he opened the dream in my soul. Right now, I don’t think I should remind of that fact! {hee hee}

God must have known me better than I did because, I fell in love with a man whose family had roots in Florida and the mountains. It all boils down to the old adage: “Home is Where The Heart Is.” It makes picking a hometown much easier. There really are no mistakes only curves in the road.

20180324_110337 (2)
Some Curves are Slippery and Scary

Several hours later we have stopped in Richmond Hill, Georgia for the night. We drove through a lot of snow and rain as we worked our way down the Carolina’s. Please enjoy a few drive-by pics from our road trip today. It’s time to rest for tomorrow’s Palm Sunday drive home.

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Have a Blessed Sunday


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20180324_103835 (2)

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