Thwart the Villian

isaac-castillejos-224780-unsplash (2)
The Villain Inside (Photo by Isaac Castillejos on Unsplash)

via Daily Prompt: Thwart

The Heroes in my story must thwart the Villain. That is why today I write from the mind of the Villain. How will Cora and Gable stop the Disrupter if they don’t figure out the Disrupter’s plans? My readers need the Villain’s mindset to root for Cora and Gable as much as I do.

I don’t like writing the villain. I love writing about the heroes. What are the obstacles? How do people in the story deal with their strengths and weaknesses? How do they get past the obstructions in their journey? This is what fires my blood.

The dark side of the story is the place of my nightmares and fears. This is the part of myself I try to bury and ignore. The irony is not lost on me. I come to the villain’s part in the final scene on Divine Mercy Sunday, the Catholic Church’s celebration of Christ’s Divine Mercy.

Really it is my villain that I have shoved to the depths of my soul who needs God’s mercy. Here we go! After listening to teachings of God’s mercy I am taking out my villains. I am examining the creatures of my nightmares, fears, and human nature clawing their way out to the surface.

Writing the villain requires me to understand where a human can go without values and a moral code of conduct. In the scene, without feeling the Disrupter walks past a trampled, battered woman. What the villain feels is exhilaration by the chaos created in the riot. Adrenaline fuels the people caught in the orchestrated protest and uprising. With a few well-placed words our villain has achieved satisfaction in manipulation.

This is a scary place for me as a Christian.  When I write from the villain’s perspective, I face my human ability to hate and desire to hurt. I acknowledge who I could have become without Christ’s mercy. I am as human as the next person. For me, being without Christ makes it to give in to the dark side of my nature.

Please understand I do not want to hurt others and I do not wish another soul dead. But to write the villain, I must acknowledge my choices in life could make my soul hateful or worse unfeeling.

Today as I write I am grateful for Christ’s Mercy to me personally. He shows me how to thwart my personal villains. And when I screw up, I know he is faithful to forgive me as I pick up the pieces and move forward to being the best I can be.

May Peace and Mercy go with you today,


P.S: Yes, it is a dark post today. I thought twice about writing this one. I felt torn between the task ahead and the message of Christ’s Mercy that lightens our world. It’s a little bit like life. After delving in the dark, I  look forward to writing more of the Heroes story!

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