Disrupt? Did someone say Disrupt?

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via Daily Prompt: Disrupt

WordPress did! The Daily Prompt word of the day is Disrupt! I’m all about this word; Disrupt, Disrupted, and Disruptions for a start.

You could say I’m obsessed. Let’s have some fun with creating a disruption in a disrupted situation for the singular…disrupt.

First, just what does the word Disrupt mean?

It is a verb meaning to interrupt – to interrupt the usual course of a process or activity; destroy order – to destroy the order or orderly progression of something. [Encarta Dictionary] This is what my villain is all about. The Disrupter revels in disruption.

The nouns of Disrupt are ‘Disrupter,’ ‘Disruption,’ and ‘Disruptiveness.’ The adverb listed is ‘Disruptively.’ And the adjective is ‘Disruptive.’ Past tense would be ‘Disrupted.’

Whew! Any way you look at it the word is messy!

If you’ve been keeping up with me you know I am immersed in fictional disruption. In fact the working title of the novel is “Disrupted.” As an author, I’m looking at the words. I have verbs and nouns with adverbs and adjectives. My fingers are itching to make a sentence of disruption! I’ll need a few of those little connector words…Here goes:

The Disrupter disrupts with disruptive disruptiveness! {GIGGLES} The kid in me wants to shout! “Say that three times fast!” or how about turning tables on the Disrupter, which by the way is the villain. Let’s try: Disrupt the disruptions of the Disrupter by disruptively disrupting.

Well that’s a lot of disruption in one paragraph. It also reminds me I need to get back to my Camp NaNoWriMo challenge. I have not disrupted a single page of Disrupted with new words today (pun intended, I know it’s bad. Just try to enjoy how bad it is!). {Smile} I am falling behind in my writing but there is always hope. The weekend opens the door to possibilities.

I’m disrupting my flow here with a ride-sharing story I found funny tonight: My husband drives for a ride sharing service. I’m writing this post as we eat dinner and I ask him how his night was last night. I’m multi-tasking as he tells me about his runs. It’s all the usual stuff so I take a bite and concentrate on what I am writing. Until I hear:

“I picked up a crazy horse on the way back.” Say what? I pause in my writing and try to figure out how he got a crazy horse in the van.  I must have looked at him funny because he said “What?” then took a bite of his Chicken Piccata (thank you Trader Joe’s).

I furrowed my brow as the image of a wild pony in the back of the van got stuck in my brain. “How did you get a crazy horse in the van?” I blurted.

“I put it in the back” He quips then asks “What do you mean?” I repeated what I heard. He laughs and says “No, I said I picked up a guy at the Crazy Horse Saloon…”

Now here’s how far I am from my clubbing and bar-hopping days, I couldn’t tell you were that bar is to save my life.  I suppose that’s a good thing. It keeps me out of trouble. Somewhat…

As long as I keep myself at home and focused maybe I’ll catch up on my word count challenge. Write (Ack! I wrote the wrong right!) Right now I’ve written 3,782 words in the 15,000 word challenge for the month. To catch up I need to be at 7,500 words by bedtime on Sunday. I guess I better stop disrupting my writing…with writing? oh I am a writing addict!

Disrupt the haters with love. Disrupt your despair with hope, and disrupt your doubts with faith. Love,


P.S: Yes the post jumps around but…it is about…Disrupt. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it… 🙂

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