Happy! Happy! Anniversary MillyReally!

Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

Today is my 2nd anniversary blogging with WordPress on MillyReally.com. I have grown and my blog has grown with me. I’m thrilled I’ve gotten this far. Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have.

I enjoy writing about my joys and obstacles. This blog has become what I wanted and so much more. I really didn’t know I had it in me. I hope you have enjoyed the journey with me so far.

Some of the journey has been difficult but, I hope you see the humor and positive side too. Hey I’m not writing a reality show here. This is real life I’m discovering. Real life with all its stumbles, hopes, failures, successes and dreams

I’ve stirred the pot in my life, creating drama for myself and all around me. What did I learn? Too much drama makes Milly a crazy lady. Drama is NOT the life I am transitioning to live. Oh! Don’t get me wrong! I’ll still be feisty in my own way. The path I’m taking is mine and my husband’s. Ya’ll have your own paths and I plan to stop treading on them. {maybe}

Yikes! I guess that means I have to stop meddling in the Princes’ and Princesses’ life paths…Nah…

Anyway I am so glad you have visited my site over the last two years. And a big shout out to WordPress.com for making this possible! I hope you have enjoyed my tales and thoughts. I hope you will continue to check in for many more years to come. Thank you. I am grateful for your support and kindness.

Photo by Rhianon Lassila on Unsplash

Here’s too many more years of enjoying the shots of pleasure, tears, fun, and trials on the paths of life.



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